Call for Suggestions: Mason Recipes!

Hi yall.

This week I’m working on new recipes for the Mason. Please post your ideas in this thread, and maybe they’ll make it into the game!

So far, the Mason will be able to craft bricks (a required material for things like castles), and stone furniture.

Ty ty.

Mason recipes so far

Stack of bricks
Double Door
Gothic Window
Wall (stone version of picket fence)
Wall gate

Dining table
Park bench

Zen garden
Garden lantern
Wall lantern
Gargoyle (placed on walls)
Sign post thingy…some kind of marker stone
Carved relief

Blacksmith hammer (woo hoo!)


Stone Statues

Stone Golems

Zen Garden

Pointless Boulder

Stone tools

Stone statues of animals, people, skeletons and goblins

Stone Santa or maybe presents since christmas is right round the corner.

How about a fireplace? This way our Hearthlings can huddle inside their homes to stay warm!


stone tools
stone weapons
stone cid

Stone Chairs
Stone Tables
Stone Bench
Stone Weapons
Stone Walkways

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stone armour good luck moving @Silas but nice ideas all round

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Haha, i guess that’s more the blacksmiths job anyhow. :stuck_out_tongue:

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well you could have greaves and helmets a small cuirass vebraces and revebraces out of stone

Maybe stone tools can give all of the different workers in the different classes a speed buff? (They can do their jobs faster?)

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Stone Containers
Stone Lamps

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not weaver/cook/carpenter.(,masons use stone)

Call for Suggestions: Mason Recipes!! nuff said

in addition to the “things” a mason can build, what if the mason enabled entirely new construction tools in the building UI? :smiley:

The medieval mason was not a monk but a highly skilled lay craftsman who combined the roles of architect, builder, craftsman, designer and engineer. Using only a set of compasses, a set square and a staff or rope marked off in halves, thirds and fifths, the mason was able to construct some of the most amazing structures ever built: Gothic cathedrals. Their awesome size combined with their appearance of lightness and fragility have led people to believe that medieval masons had some magical secret but this was actually just an understanding of proportion and basic geometry.

perhaps when we promote a unit to mason, we reveal some additional building patterns/options in the UI?

digression aside, here are some things she could possibly build:

  • “refined” block (for paths, etc.)
  • gargoyle
  • monument
  • sigil/crest
  • marker/boundary

Damn, you beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe we could have the mason branching to other classes so like a main class and also as a better builder. So it gives you more options to build with like different roofs etc.) also @Kaz get ninja’d :smile:

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Sorry guys, I knew once I posted it I read it all wrong, I read it first as any type of suggestions, I’ve deleted the post Sorry again.

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Hmmm… let’s see…

Cobblestone fences–simple walls, often seen in rural areas for marking land or corralling animals. Also, a gate, which would have stone posts but wood for the gate itself. This might be a step up from wooden fences for protection, but since the stone isn’t heavily processed, it’s not too much stronger.

Stone “paneling”–allows for a stone backing on parts of walls where you wouldn’t necessarily want wood: a kitchen, a forge, etc. Places on the wall like tapestries, but maybe comes in different sizes for a variety of dimensions. (This would allow the whole structure to be built out of wooden walls, without a strange blot of stone wall in the middle of it when looking at the outside of the structure.)

Stone beacon–a small, simple light, used in the wilderness to mark roads, caves, or other points of interest. Possibly a small torch or candle, rather than the current lanterns we have, giving it a basic, primitive look.

Stone archways–the first awning to a structure without a door set in it. Good for basic storage facilities or setting up different rooms and corridors underground. Could also be a wood variant to give a more “mining” feel, but that’s not part of the mason. Possible height and width variations for different situations.

Stone doorways–same as before, but with the wooden doors we have set in them. Just a little more diversity, plus a possible defense bonus.

Stone-mounted flag/banner–We currently have a banner, but it seems…temporary. What about a flag that gets a more permanent base and looks more presentable to visitors? Might be an upgrade to the camp standard, considering the big difference is the stone foundation.