Say hello to the Mason!

This guy is mostly implemented already, so I went ahead and modded the rest of the functionality in necessary to get him going.

Shown below is his orange outfit and workbench. I just threw the mining animation in there for when he’s crafting since that seemed to fit the best.

I’m guessing this guy will be next up; of all the classes defined in the code right now, he’s the most filled out. None of the other classes really even have outfits, workbenches or tools yet. I didn’t see any new items for him to build.

Here’s the hammer/chisel:


wow, nice work @jonzoid! excellent sleuthing and implementing… :+1:

No point in having mining if you can’t do anything with all those rocks! :smile: I look forward to seeing what we get out of this class…


I’m hoping that he’ll be able to make new building materials- maybe stronger versus sieges?

So let’s start thinking about polish translation of his class…

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Hello to the Mason! looks lovely :smiley:

So how long until the carpenter will make the mason tools?

Most likely around the time mining is implemented, thus creating a better stone source.