♻ Turn-based multiplayer (Rayya's, Desert 🏜)

How will this works:

We players will play, one at a time, in the same save file.
To avoid two players playing at the same time, we will use a “claim” system. As soon as the last player finish his turn, he will upload the modified game here, and another player will be able to claim it. Whoever claim it first gets that turn.
(Just post a message that you are now claiming it and will be playing it)
Avoid claiming a file if it is not available (like the last player hasn’t finished it yet, to avoid spam posts)


  • Don’t use mods. We need to keep the best compatibility possible with all players.
  • To avoid the same players keeping a monopoly, don’t claim a file if you already played in that week. Be kind and let other players have fun too.
  • Don’t destroy the work of other players.
  • You will have a limit of one (real life) day to play in the file after you claim it.
    (You can release your file as soon as you want, e.g.: if you played just a few hours and is done, you don’t need to wait for the full day time)
  • If we are (un)lucky to have a new version released, always use the latest full alpha version. (don’t use test or in-development versions)


  • If you want to work in a far place, you will have a hard time with hearthlings going back to old settlements. You can disable farms and filter stockpiles (but do not remove them) so your farmers and haulers can work near your new place. Or add new workbenches near you so crafters don’t work too far. It is also a good idea to add temporary chairs and beds.
  • Avoid having too many items (there is an item limit in game). You can compact wood, stone and clay into piles, and sell whatever is not needed. (keep rare items, maybe other players will want them, renewables (food, plants, etc…) can be easily replenished later, so those are safe to sell)
  • Try to maintain the original landscape, at least in places you are not going to use, cause maybe other player would like that area.
  • With your download link, add the instruction about unzipping it inside the saved_game folder, to help those that haven’t messed with the game files before.

Instruction, step by step:

  • When the current player finish playing, he should save the game, and zip the correct save folder. Then upload it in a new post here (if the file is too big, you can upload elsewhere and paste the link for its download)
  • In that same post, he should add some picture(s) of what was done, so we can enjoy what is happening even if we are not playing at the moment, and to keep a nice historical register.
  • Make sure to give a warn about anything you find necessary (for example, if there was a bugged scaffolding somewhere, just point where it is, maybe the next player can fix it)
  • A new player will read that post, and claim it if he wants. Making sure to post a reply warning everyone he claimed it. Download the last save file, unzip it into your saved_games folder, and enjoy the game.


In this, we are using Rayya’s Children in the Desert Biome, with peaceful mode.
This is the seed and map (and starting area)


As usual, I will start with a small starting camp. You guys can progress it or start new ones.

We have all jobs except carpenter, engineer and shepherd. (so if you want to do something that requires those, it is better to pass this turn)
The blacksmith has no training yet, cause I didn’t got any ores. (will take some time to get the carpenter tool, and even more for the shepherd tool)
We have 2 potters! Cause having only one was super slow, the builders were always waiting for the next item needed to be placed. This way they finish the crafting faster.
Farmer at max level (this unlocks the seeds traders). We have 6 crops, and acacia saplings are almost ready. (for infinity wood!)

I also used all the default tier 1 templates.
Tier 2 is near I guess. I got lucky and had a merchant sell me the Fox Lilly flowers. (required for their monument)
Trader stall is next to stockpile, useful for buying wood and selling the trash.

Save file download:

1480559124455.zip (6.2 MB)

Remember to unzip it inside your saved_games folder (side by side with your other save folders)

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I’ll have a go with this one – I love the look of that lake out in the South-East corner so I reckon I’ll turn that into an oasis with some kind of shrine on the hill further to the South. The area might be a little big, I’ll have to see whether it’s practical to do both…

I’ll probably make a temporary camp, maybe theme it as a stop-over for a travelling caravan (better get some use out of the tent design I made before alpha 20 renders them obsolete because of claustrophobic hearthlings hahah!)

That big mountain valley in the middle will be a perfect location for something amazing, either a fort or a hill town or whatever some other, more creative and confident builder sticks in there, so I can’t wait to see how that goes!

But for now I’m off to do some gardening, wish me luck lol. Hopefully we’ll get the seeds needed for the trading monument quite quickly.

Update: the hill and oasis are definitely close enough to use together, and the hill is full of surprises! I’m having great fun tunneling through, making various passageways to connect the different levels and building it all into a large temple-y complex.

The map generator has been extremely generous in my chosen area, it even did 90% of the oasis work for me :laughing: I’ll sprinkle in various other pretty flowers and move some silkweeds so that they look like cattails/bullrushes along the water’s edge, which will be a great way to hide the little bit of digging I want to do… there’s a single tree on an almost-disconnected island (the corner of it diagonally touches the bank), and that’s too good of an opportunity to pass up! I’ll set up a small encampment in the clearing between the oasis and the temple so that the hearthlings have somewhere to work while they grow and build everything required.

This small-scale project is a really refreshing change of pace from the large and ambitious ideas I usually abandon halfway through, I’m very glad now that I jumped in with this one!


can’t wait for a turn hahahah

Ok, I’m running a little late… I blame timezones, but many would probably argue it’s down to all the digging work I’ve been doing :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a really cool story behind this temple complex, and I can’t wait to share it… although funnily enough, I haven’t actually started on the top temple layer yet. Something to work on in another turn next week hahaha!

On the other hand, I haven’t just been mining out a mountain and filling up our item cap (I’ll fix that before I put the save up, but the next builders are going to have plenty of stone and clay to work with; and @BrunoSupremo’s ore shortage is a distant memory now LOL!) We’ve got a range of new crops, at least one of every crafter, and I’ll put down the trading monument but I won’t kick it over to tier 2 just yet… I actually want that monument as a centerpiece for the story thingy I’m working on.

I’ll try to get this to you just as soon as I’ve finished marking out the area and cleaned up all this copper ore.

EDIT: HNNG, why is it taking so long for Abhi Quath to reach master stonemason rank? I need those fire pits! I don’t want to leave half-constructed buildings around to eat into the next player’s time… I thought that by the time the cleaning up was done she’s be a complete expert, what with all the stone piles I’ve been cycling through (create, place, harvest, create new stone pile… hahah)

The good news though is that I’ve condensed the frankly silly amount of ore we had by a good amount, we still have over 1850 items but that includes a lot of bricks, about 200 raw copper ore in case anyone wants to train a new blacksmith or make a ton of decorative vases, and enough food to last a couple of weeks (they keep eating raw veggies instead of cooked food). Oh, and there’s a whole town’s worth of crafting benches, plus an assortment of furniture and decorations, all neatly packed into like 6 vaults; so it’s a simple matter to settle a new town anywhere – move the vaults first, and everything comes with them!


where is the save? We are waiting for it

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Finally, it’s ready! Dropbox - 1480823173946.rar

Many apologies for the delays, I had both IRL interruptions and some technical issues in making the save available. I had to make it a .rar rather than .zip, which shouldn’t cause any other issues but if it does then I can upload the raw file to Dropbox (not ideal, but at least it’ll be guaranteed to work LOL!)

Also, a tip for future players: if your save name changes, e.g. if you make backup saves at each step and you don’t end up uploading the original file, you can easily find the name of the save folder within the metadata.txt file inside of each save.

Oh, and since this is a different file and different process for retrieving it, generic security warning for the benefit of anyone not familiar with this stuff: it’s always a good idea to scan files such as this before doing anything with them, we’re decent folks here so it’s not likely at all for anything dodgy to be included, but it’s a good habit to check anyway.

Anyway, on to the fun stuff!

This is the Iskender trading caravan’s campsite, set up near the oasis. They look like they’re settling in for a while, they normally wouldn’t pitch their larger tents or unload their goods, and they’ve even unhitched the wagons. Normally they’d be pulled by tame Varanus used to the dry desert conditions, but I guess the handlers have let them go play with their aquatic cousins living in the Oasis? Clearly, though, the trading caravan is planning to stop here for a while, what could they be so interested in when the towns are on the other side of the map?

Oh, this might have something to do with it. The lights from the Shrine of Rayya’s Shadow must have called out during the night, letting the elders know that it’s time for a pilgrimage. Atop this rock, at dawn during the mid-year solstice once every thousand years, Monkey’s Shrine appears for a short time; giving brave and cunning adventurers a chance to pit their wits against Monkey in an attempt to earn a portion of Her wisdom… and probably some treasures as well.

At the base of the mountain is a small garden, a perfect place for the adventurers to meditate and find themselves before they enter Monkey’s Maze.

The Ancient Mines. Legend tells that these mines were dug in the earliest days of the world of Hearth, when a group of Hearthlings greedily sought the riches of the world. At first, Monkey tried to reason with these covetous Hearthlings, but they would not listen to Her wisdom. Next, she tried to befuddle them, placing a protective charm around the hearth of the mountain. No matter how hard they dug, the greedy Hearthlings found themselves gaining no ground; until they eventually realised that the charm had caused them to dig around their goal and arrive back at their starting point!

Monkey’s Maze, protecting the secrets and riches hidden in the heart of the mountain. When the greedy Hearthlings found themselves unable to dig through the charm, they hatched a new scheme. They would mine upwards, above the charm’s effects, and then excavate the entire level so there would be no caves or tunnels to confuse them. They reasoned that if they mined out the entire hearth of the mountain, the riches would have nowhere to hide. Monkey did her best to dissuade the greedy Hearthlings with trickery and mischeif, and the confusing maze of tunnels is a testament to her efforts; but they would not give in. With great sadness, Monkey realised that their greed had overcome all reason, and she was forced to intervene to protect the mountain’s heart. She called upon Spider to help her weave a powerful spell, which caused the greedy Hearthlings to slowly change as they spent time within the mountain. They grew shorter, tougher, and began to take on aspects of the stone and earth around them. Those who stayed too long eventually transformed into tiny clay statues, a warning to their fellows.

For the heart of the mountain is where Monkey keeps things no Hearthling should covet. Dread treasures and burning secrets are hidden within the pots and boxes, and the central monument hides the direst of Monkey’s knowledge. It is said that Hearthlings who venture through the maze will gain the chance to speak with Monkey and draw from Her wisdom if they can bring a still-burning ember from the heart of the maze to Her shrine atop the mountain; but should they linger too long in the maze in an attempt to loot its treasures or secrets then the same transforming fate may befall them.

Outside the maze, generations of Hearthlings have built shrines and altars, dedicated to their Ancestors and to Monkey’s teachings.

The Elders travelling with the caravan call their kin to sit around the fire, telling the story of Monkey’s Maze and preparing the bravest, wisest and most curious of their kin for the coming adventure. With all the temple’s lamps lit, and fresh offerings left in the shrines and tombs, the adventurers beseech the many spirits of the place for wisdom, courage and fortitude to enter the maze and leave with only their true selves and the one item they seek.

This is the story of Monkey’s Mountain, its secrets and its importance to the Iskender Clan. They hope that one of their kin can best the maze and speak to Monkey, and so find out the fate of their lost and greedy kin, the Dwar’ven Clan who once sought Monkey’s secrets through brute strength alone.

[OOC]: So this should explain the first 36 hours, lol! The other ~17 hours are due to the difficulties with getting the save uploaded, or really the fact that I tried to do that late at night and had to give up and sleep and then pick it up in the morning. The digging happened pretty quickly, and it took a lot less time than I expected to clean up the ore; but levelling the mason and blacksmith up to build vaults and fire pits took a really long time… especially since they have minds of 6!

At some later turn I’ll go back to the mines and add some chaotic, maze-like digging that gets closer to the heart, and I’ll scatter some garden gnomes through the maze. There’s also the top level of the temple to decorate, I have half a mind to continue the maze up there. That said, there’s plenty of space for a small town up there, so it’s equally tempting to build some kind of ancient gardens which can include farms and a small living space, giving a few hearthlings a place to live while they work on finishing the maze.

I built a small dividing wall to “close off” @BrunoSupremo’s original town to stop the Hearthlings travelling back there, that wall can of course be demolished at any time to let them back in. Likewise, it’s simple to lock the Hearthlings out of the temple area by building a wall across the lowest staircase leading to the gardens. It’s probably worth doing the same thing around the Iskender caravan, otherwise the hearthlings will walk over there to light campfires and possibly to sit on the chairs (depends on whether there’s enough seating near the farms). The maze is caged off and locked with an iron door, which I hoped would remove it from the pathfinding calculations altogher, but it doesn’t seem to have had any impact… perhaps it’s because of the holes in the cage though, so maybe things will improve when the whole temple is sealed off?

As it stands, I’ve kept to 20 Hearthlings and I’m not getting any lag outside of slight pauses while saving. The A* is the main draw on resources (and again, not enough to cause lag for me), but a lot of the time that was while Hearthlings were trying to find a way to get to the clay and stone stored in @BrunoSupremo’s town, so taking that out might well reduce the strain… or it could simply be that building a maze was a silly idea in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

I had hoped to just place the trading monument as a decoration and not upgrade to Tier 2 yet, but alas the game automatically opened the dialogue a couple of days after I put the monument down. At least that means that future builders will have the T2 designs available straight away, but it will probably slow down the rate we acquire new seeds (T2 has more trader events to choose from). Speaking of new seeds, we have Brightbell, Oak Seedlings, Wheat, Turnips and Silkweed.

Advice specifically for @Doc_Brano: I’ve set up the vaults to make it easy to move the entire inventory, simply relocate the full vaults to wherever you want to build. There should be a few days’ food supply in the stone chests, again you can move them to the new location and that should eliminate any back-and-forth travelling to eat. Bear in mind that you’ll want to pack up the beds to move them at the same time, so it’s probably easiest to try to get all of the stuff moved in that morning period between the Hearthlings waking up and stopping for lunch… but if you have other plans they shouldn’t conflict with the way things are stored. Also, there’s a few hundred each of stone and clay stored as piles, so you can deploy them around any construction sites to basically eliminate travel time. Unfortunately there was no equivalent for the copper ore, I couldn’t bring myself to sell it since it’s non-renewable but realistically you can sell most of it and most of the bars if you want to cut down the item count further. Finally, I’ve placed down a rally flag at the caravan for decoration, but you may want to remove it temporarily so that you can use the main town flag as a rally point when moving the Hearthlings around. All of that is simply to help you understand how I’ve set things up, so that you can get into playing ASAP… I’ve wasted enough of your time, I don’t want you to have to spend any more figuring out how and why I’d organized things that way hahah!

Oh, and as a general note for future players: there were a couple of opportunities to trade for iron armour and some un-craft-able weapons, they’re not much use in peaceful mode but I figured someone might want to put them in stockpiles as decoration around, say, a blacksmith shop or barracks. There’s plenty of bronze available to make and sell armour or weapons. I’ve also left a Cleric’s Tome, since I find it useful to have one on hand in case any Hearthlings get stuck somewhere – there is always the teleport command, but where a “legitimate” rescue is preferred (e.g. if it’s just a Hearthling who has mined themselves into a corner and needs a ladder to get them out) a Cleric can prevent the trapped Hearthling from starving while the rescuers work on freeing them.

Ok, phew. Wol Zivadro is ready for its next leader!


finally i can take the save and add some meagre buildings :slight_smile: Just a quick question i thought we could lock doors now, but not sure if thats in a19 stable. Could be a better solution then spending time building a wall to later destroy it.

The Engineer can build ironclad doors which can be locked and which are stronger than normal doors; but the normal wooden, clay, and stone doors can’t be.

The Carpenter has a recipe for an iron-reinforced door, but it’s not one which you can lock.

I’ll confess, I used insta-build on that small wall to keep them out of the initial town, simply because I didn’t want any of them getting stuck on the other side during its construction, or leaving materials over there… adding a gatehouse structure to the garden entrance with a lock-able door is probably a good idea though, and it would mean we can get rid of the cage around the maze entrance. I thought it would look thematic, but the blocks are just too chunky to build iron bars out of.

A terrible disaster has happened. Out of nowhere a terrible illness appeared and killed of every citizen. Forgot to save and close the game before i had to leave. With no more inventory space food production stopped and they starved.

Just grab the last file again. :wink:

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if i had not filled up half the world before that i would :slight_smile: hehehee

You will wait for them to re-join? Put the game on fast speed, it will not take much time. Then just cheat in some levels for them.

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cheated the villagers in, using the large inventory overflow to level them. selling lots of stuff heheheh

alright even though there were some troubles, I managed to create a lovely little town in the mountains

A terrible illness traveled trough the desert taking 21 victims. The remaining villagers buried there fallen friend with honour.

I’ve managed to get some more vault build before promoting the black smith to engineer. The entire inventory of the town is placed in these vaults for easy transfer.

Just don’t forget to open and close the gate. 2 more lockable doors were crafted and placed in the vaults.


commenting to put this topic above it all again. Hope to see more peeps come and play

I love Rayya’s Children now that they have the new music, but I’m not sure what I’d be able to build with them and I’m pretty busy right now.

But I guess I’ll still try my hand at it.

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What is even going on with the potter’s queue…?

There were tons of 1-brick orders, and two 114-brick orders. I think a lot of it’s due to the auto-queue from buildings? Anyway, I got rid of most of the small orders and the excessively big orders, and I changed his priorities because he was too busy hauling to catch up on his job.

I’m still working on my part. Just wanted to post an update on that. Please be nicer to his queue so we can all build furniture quickly! Also, we might need another potter at this rate.

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If you only have one now, don’t even think about it and add the second. It makes everything way better and faster.
Different from carpenter, the potter has not only the decorations to craft but also the building blocks (bricks).
(Make sure they have their own workbenches though, else they take turns into a single workbench and ends up being slower than a single potter…)


This is a good point, and it’s probably also worth noting that for Rayya’s in general it’s worth having more crafters (especially the “basic” kinds – potter, stonemason, carpenter and weaver) in order to quickly replenish trading stocks. Since the RC towns rely more on trading to get some of their resources, it often ends up in a situation where a new trader comes while the stocks of high-priced items are still low from the last trader.

In this way of playing, though, we can’t afford to have massive stockpiles of items just waiting for a trader to show up; so it makes sense to have more crafters on hand to “make items to order” for when traders come with a request (e.g. will give you 2 fine comfy beds for 8 large urns), or to crank out items for immediate sale when a trader shows up.

The key thing is that, yes, you need multiple workstations as well for the multiple crafters to be properly useful. Most of the time, it’s only worth splitting up the really big orders, rather than having e.g. one potter make vases on the pottery wheel while the other makes bricks at the kiln it’s better to split up the large brick order so that both potters can work on it (at separate kilns).