Rayya's Children Creations - Show off Your Desert Builds!

Hey guys,

I’m not sure if this has already been created… which, while I haven’t seen a thread doing the same thing here, I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t one already.

Anyhow, despite that, I’d like to see what the community has built with the new race, Rayya’s Children, and a new biome, being the desert! I’ve seen plenty of awesome, and I mean AWESOME, things thus far with the Ascendency… Asendency? Agency? Asecnety? … those, Green people, and it’s been amazing!

Now, I’d like anyone and everyone to share anything they’ve built out in the desert. Maybe a hidden Rabbit temple? Maybe that perfect Sand Castle? Maybe a complete scene straight out of Indiana Jones!? Who knows! But whatever it is, I’d like to see it!

Feel free to share it here! … If of course, no other thread has already done so… : D

To get the ball rolling… Or, perhaps, more like, get the 'tumbleweed rolling! Hahaha… hah, ha… Get it? 'Cause it’s the desert. It… nevermind.

Anyway, here’s my little creation. It’s nothing special really. I like it predominantly because I was actually able to play the same game for such an extended time. Most all of the buildings are from the pre-made sets, so there really is nothing much to the map. But again, it’s just the fact that I was able to do all of this for quite a while, and with a bunch of Hearthlings, all on a laptop! This game keeps getting better and better by the minute!





Also, to any moderator who can present these pictures better on this thread, rather just having links… Feel free to change them in any fashion you see fit. I don’t know what technology is…

And finally, again, let’s see your creations!


*EDIT: Sorry folks, but my brain no work. Unfortunately, even after trying suggested methods, I still can’t seem to get my pictures to just post directly onto the thread. So!, please look directly below this sentence, at ‘thorbjorn42gbf’s’ comment, and there will be my pictures! And thanks again to ‘thorbjorn42gbf’ for the help!


I am no moderator but here is the picture :smiley: (Right click a picture and press copy image allows you to paste them diretly unto your post)


you should be able to hit the hyper link button and put them there to show off as pictures

The hyperlink button is more made to shorten the link so it doesn’t look ugly in text like this

Pictures can be drag and dropped, copy pasted and directly linked if done right.

@Mishka, @thorbjorn42gbf,

Thanks for your help guys! I had no idea.


I would totally post one of my creations here… if I had any.

I can’t get past building three without them stopping at the roof and not finishing, but it seems to happen only on odd-dimensioned roofs

Well here’s a selection of shots from my first Rayya’s Children town. Eld a Halava


i absolutely love the use of rugs as canopies for the market stalls!

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I can’t take credit for the idea, but only for the persistence in implementation. Oh and the seed? 8675309


@Averest, @8BitCrab,

I totally agree 8BitCrab, I love the idea! I’ve been wondering how to make more ‘elegant’ looking market stands, and here’s the ticket!

And Avert, cool town! I especially like the irrigation system you have and the… I don’t know the word… “Breakfast nook” you have there in picture 3. Awesome!


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No worries! And not to mention, this game is only in Alpha still, so I don’t expect much.

But, there is something to mention here. If you’re having issues with having your buildings being complete, try using the command prompts… That’s the incorrect terminology for that, but whatever…

Anyway, press “Ctrl + C” to enter the command prompt… thingy… Then, click on it, and enter " ib." This should make any building/structure, statue, what have you, be instantly finished without any resources being used!

There’s a thread on the forums here explaining everything… If I find it, I’ll be sure to send you a link to it. But otherwise, I hope that helps!

…Annnnnnndd, if you already knew all of that, then I didn’t say anything.

Either way! If do you find the command “ib” useful in any way, be sure to share anything you build that you find awesome on here!


I have honestly forgotten about that. I tend to stay away from console commands, though, as I don’t necessarily like to cheat (my aptitude for cheating depends on the game - I love Stonehearth, so I don’t want to! Ever!). Sometimes, if I have a way to ‘compromise’ and cheat but punish myself for it, I will. So if a building costs so and so materials yet the Hearthling’s cant finish, I’ve reloaded an earlier save, /destroy -ed all the needed materials (after making) and then ib’d. Therefore, I still need the materials, yet can have a completed building… lol.


Console commands! That’s the word I was looking for!

But yeah, I can agree with you on the topic of cheating. It takes away from the fun and the intended way of playing a particular game. If interested, I was cheating with Stonehearth simply because that’s really the only way I can play the game… some what.

Playing on a laptop, this game makes my computer immediately start to overheat, and if I play too long, can cause a bit of damage… so, it’s just a faster way to get my kicks in, see how the game runs and looks, and then turn off.

But yeah… Console commands…



The only console command I used was destroy since I got a bug where the Hearthlings wouldn’t take away all the ladders and it ruined the aesthetic. Also cost me quite a bit of wood too so I figure it’s a fair trade for ‘cheating’. :wink:


I do that too… it seems they always leave a ladder behind on the dessert preset house for 2… because if you have all the requirements they will place the oil lamp before removing the scaffolding… making it impossible to remove it all so the ladder above the lamp stays there.

The only real solution is to not have the lamps in inventory until the house is completely finished and then build the lamps… which kinda sucks if you like to keep a maintain 1 on all decorative items for easy placement.


I only did two presets because I don’t like to worry about the decorations messing up my build. Those can come later I figure. As it worked out, my biggest difficulty was the dining hall preset triggering removal bugs for some of the clay items, I had to destroy some tables and chairs.

Anyhow, I can’t wait to see what others have done!

I do all my computer-izing on my laptop. The only thing it can’t handle very well on lowest settings is Dying Light… and I’m thinking about getting ARK: Survival Evolved. Anyone know how graphics intensive that is?

But Stonehearth runs beautifully on my ENVY, until the major bugs and performance glitches start coming in. Which I think have mostly been squashed?

Once again, as soon as I can get some nice land and inspiration to start up a Rayya’s Children game (I’ve kind of played myself out with them, just going with The Ascendancy for a little bit) I will definitely maybe post progress of a desert town. Or I’ll start my own thread. I’unno.

I tryed for compact liveing.
sometimes goblins,thiefs and undead spawn inside big empty rooms that i havent done yet.



Very cool!

I can always appreciate those more Dwarven-ian settlements.

Also, that’s weird how you mentioned having an issue with enemies spawning in rooms you haven’t finished yet. Although, I have heard of people, in earlier alpha builds, actually having Goblin Wolf camps spawning directly on top of their towns. Can’t imagine what that looks like…

Anyway, cool town and thanks for sharing moneybaglets!


I placed a ladder right next to the lamp leading to the window above it. That way they could reach the ladder piece and removed it :slight_smile:

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