Rayya's Children, New Desert Town show and tell!

Just wanted to show my new desert town! The colour pallet and building types are really interesting to play with. I just wanted to make what I thought was the intended aesthetic for Rayya’s Children to get a feel for them as a kingdom.

This one has every type of crafter (it was quite a slog to get a master carpenter but I got there, It is possible even if everything he can make is kinda pointless by that point!)

What have you all made?


Wow really cool town man. I’m kinda terrible with Rayya so far but they do have really cool style. Like ascendancy for the ease of farming and especially soldiers.

nothing even *remotely *as nice as this… well done! :+1:

pretty much exactly as I would imagine these folks to live… :smile:


I saw this on my phone at work and just saw a big mass of clay…

OH MY GOODNESS that is an amazing little village you have going there! So creative! Show us more! :smiley:


that looks nice maybe I can try to build you a design of what that might turn into.

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Thanks for all the feed back guys! Im not sure what my next project is going to be…


whatever it is, i’m sure it will be just as awesome this one is :smile:

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Love how you put the walls around the cliff sides. It blends together really well.

So far this is all I have for a desert town. Just wanted to try everything out nothing too fancy

Definitely going to steal those walls on my next run through


Wow! You guys are already building some really amazing desert towns!

We’re thinking about doing a feature later this week on early iterations of what’s being created in the kingdom of Rayya’s Children. So if you’ve built something you’d like the community to see, please post it in this thread by Tuesday afternoon (November 24).

If you miss this deadline, don’t worry! We’ll be doing another showcase of cool creations soon.