Rayya's Light - Rayya's Children Settlement

A little desert town i made situated on the waters I don’t know why but i really prefer the Rayya’s Children over the Ascendancy :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the overview of the town.

This is the original huts that i build. Decided i need more space and move the next hill over.

Lots of Hearthling gave their life to make this town happen.

A pyramid monument along the western road

Two small huts on the farming canals

This is my favorite part of the town, a little wearhouse next to the dock with a little boat.

The challenge once your town gets bigger was to actually find storage spaces for all the junk you accumulate. Like half the house are actually filled with chests.

Is anyone else having problem? Is your best towns and cities fills to the brim with junk?


looks gorgeous =D i like the raya’s childrens aesthetics better than ascendancy but i hated not having any wood… for the longest time it really restricted building cus scaffolding… havent tried them since they removed the cost for scaffolding.

the only real problem i have with raya’s children is that it takes soo long to train an army since they cant make swords for a long time… i think they should be able to make clay swords since having a military is kinda important…

And its almost impossible to play raya’s children on hard mode since theres no way you could build an army in time.

For the storage, make a single storage building that has stairs that descend into the earth. Multi-leveled, underground kinda thing, with more valuable stuff near the bottom. Like, food floor 1, furniture floor 2, weapons and armor floor 3, etc