Welcome to Rayya's Oasis - Save File

Hey guys, I’m new to the forums so if this post is messy I apologize in advance! I made a little town called Rayya’s Oasis and just had to share it. I used debugtools and IB so there’s a few errors when you start up the game but nothing really seems affected. If you get any serious errors let me know!

Rayya’s Oasis Download

The center of town! A temple right in the middle of our lake.

Shot of the mine! Where Rayya blesses us with gold and silver.

The barracks!

Overview of the entire town. It’s all barricaded off with lockable doors so protection is top notch. There is tons of space inside the walls if you plan on expanding:)

Anyway hope you guys can have fun with this and I’m glad to finally be on the forums!


Welcome to the discourse @crownhouses :merry:

What a beautyfull town you have made and thank you for sharing! I hope to see much more from your end in the future, both builds and in the discusions…

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Hi and Welcome @crownhouses

Nice town, or city should I say. Spent quite a lot of time on it it seems, Thanks for sharing it with us!

Looking forwards to hearing (and seeing) more from you too!

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Awesome town – and doubly so for it being a first-time upload!

I utterly love those date palms, and need to know where you got those green blocks from?!?! I know that the “Slabs With Terrain Colours” mod adds the greens used for grass and the Undead crypt roofs; but I’ve never seen that brighter green before.

The use of the Rayya’s Light shrine in the middle of that lake is brilliant (heh, heh…) and gives your town a great focal point!

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welcome to the discourse @crownhouses :smile:

beautiful town you’ve got here, looking at it really makes me want to try Rayya’s children again (haven’t played them since they were first added) i look forward to seeing you around the discourse, along with future builds of yours!

those are actually in the official game files (and you can use item stamper to get them) along with a few other things they were made by one of the summer interns in preparation for the desert biome, however in the end the team decided to go with a different style of desert. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the feedback! And yes 8bitcrab is right, they are in the base game files,I got them by turning on the debugtools in settings and using the item stamper:) I typed in plants for the little green blocks and the name is escaping me but whatever you don’t recognize lol, and for the trees just type in trees and they’ll come up as “palm tree” and “Joshua” tree!

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