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Redesigned Game Options

All new storybook-inspired getting started screen: select your kingdom, biome, and difficulty via interactive illuminated manuscript ​with borders by Tom and illustrations from Allie.

New Biome

Welcome to the desert! Eat prickly pears and husband your wood; it’s beautiful but bleak out there.

New Playable Kingdom

​Rayya’s Children is now available for play-testing!

  • Their default starting talisman is the Potter’s Cutter.
  • Make clay bricks to build shelter in the desert.
  • Four brand new desert-themed housing templates.
  • New desert-themed UI skin, supported by the hot-loading mods feature.
  • New trading encounters.
  • Make lots of items to sell for necessities and talismans.

​Rayya’s Children’s basic systems are in place, but still need a lot of tuning, so write us with your feedback.

New Roof Editor

We’ve added more options to the roof editor. You can now make flat roofs, control the height of the walls below the roof, and the amount of roof overhang in each direction.

Bug Fixes

  • Support undo when placing furniture and decorations in the building editor.
  • Disable work orders for professions that don’t support them. (New games only.)
  • Enable mining for the Blacksmith and Mason.
  • Fixed Work Orders showing incorrect tasks after promotion/demotion.
  • Fixed collision regions for the Potter Kiln, Carpenter Toolbench, and Blacksmith Forge and fix cosmetics on iconic workbenches.
  • Make Potter Wheel restockable.

Other Changes

  • Crafting a fine item now grants an addition item instead of replacing the ordinary item. This makes satisfying trading demands more reliable until we allow traders to accept the fine versions of items.

Known Issues

  • Extending the overhang on a roof with open spaces will extend the wall through the roof into the sky.

Do you sleep? You da best.


Waynes world “we are not worthy!” mean anything?

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just can’t quite express how cool this feature is… absolutely love it! :smile: :+1:

this clearly requires some 80’s hairband musical accompaniment … paging @Raj and @Doug :laughing:

really looking forward to diving digging back in this weekend!


I’m love and hate for this all right now!
I love you all made this new release it sounds awesome!
I just left for thanksgiving vacation and can’t play…I hate it:sob:

For Translators:


  •            "y_offset": "Roof Offset", ->added
  •            "show_gradient": "Slope", ->added
  •          "show_margin": "Overhang" ->added
  •              "little_clay_house": "Little Clay House", ->added
  •              "clay_house_for_two": "Clay House for Two",->added
  •             "clay_dining_room": "Clay Dining Room", ->added
  •            "clay_dormitory": "Clay Dormitory" ->added
  •        "peaceful_game_description": "A sandbox mode where you're free to build your town without worrying about invaders.", -Y change ->change in description
  •         "post_selection_description": ", a prosperous and industrious kingdom." ->change in description
  •      "potted_cactus": { ->added
  •      "clay_dining_table_fine": { ->added
  •      "simple_clay_chair_fine": { ->added
  •      "clay_bed_fine": { ->added
  •         "small_acacia_tree": { ->added
  • potter: “level_3_data”: { ->added
    "potted_cactus_recipe": { ->added


just a change in the long description from mountain to desert ^^

EDIT: Attention for the clay dining table and the simple chair are the display and description reversed

@yshan :wink:


RE: Attention for the clay dining table and the simple chair are the display and description reversed
oops, I just fixed it in my branch.

Also, for translation, there’s a new update to starter mod locale: GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_locale: Example mod of adding a new language to stonehearth.

Specifically, you no longer need to specify path in added_languages.json because you can add the path in overrides in your manifest. Also, added support for adding translations for all mods using the new overrides system. (so any mod can provide a translation for any other mod now)


ahh thx for the info ^^ jup this will make it a bit easier xD

ok little question^^ i have test it also with the candledark-mod but there it doenst use it … so must be something added like a default_locale or must there be a client_init_script (like in rayya?)

also its looks in the log like the engine also search for an file named de.json but i dont know why xD i have checked all manifest and its always correct with de-DE ^^

edit: ok when i remove it it miss both files xD ^^
edit2: when i add it also as de.json the log says its all ok ^^ so i think for german its not only search for de-DE also for de.json
edit3: jup it search for both removed all with de-DE and now its saies its missing de-DE but works xD


Can I love then unlove then re love this? Wow guys you are pushing out some amazing work, thank you! =^-^=


yay! things working! XD


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I might be really stretching for something here, but when you go through the story beginning and pic a difficulty. Are the shadows of the monsters foreshadowing or hinting at the titans that will come later to those worlds? I’m just pulling this one out of thin air, but if so very well played. Also love, love, love the work on this new biome! every time there is an update I am so blown away from the progress you guys have made.

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