Steam Latest Updated to develop-3362

The Alpha 21 release train is starting to pick up steam. Well, it’s on Steam, anyway.
This unstable build tackles some pesky bugs as well as building more into the new Traits feature.

As always, please let us know on Discourse if you encounter any issues.




Hearthling customization added, allowing players to change the look and
build of individual Hearthlings.
Added Callous trait.
Added Courageous trait.
Added Green Thumb trait.
Added Heart of a Crafter trait.
Featherweight trait description clarified.
Rayya’s Children UI color updated.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug that caused Hearthling to restock indefinitely on old saves.
All box selectors fixed to work properly on roads and floors.
Engine error related to patrolling parties fixed.
Tutorial no longer skips portions of the Place Stockpile section.
Fixed engine error that could have occurred when lamp was no longer in the world.

Hearthling male put-down-on-table animation fixed to properly show carried item.
Bug related to sleep duration possibly being negative fixed.
Trapper backpack capacity was not working as advertised. Level 4 Trapper perk now increases capacity by 2.


I’m not seeing much of a difference. The only thing that catch my attention was the title bar in some windows, it is grey, but I can’t really remember how it was, if it was different before.

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