Steam Latest Updated to develop-3378

So… very… close… to the stable release of Alpha 21.

A few more enhancements and a few more bug fixes await you in this Steam unstable edition.
As always, let us know if you encounter any difficulties.


##What’s Inside Develop-3378


  • Added ‘Loves Their Job’ thought for use with Passion traits.
  • Added ‘Animal Companion’ trait.
  • Changed ‘Heart of a Crafter’ trait to exclude Passion traits for non-crafting jobs.
  • Updated citizens pane UI to show hearthling traits. Moved mind/body/spirit stats into citizens row and moved Haul/Mine/Build/Job checkboxes to the right.
  • Updated trait description font to make it easier to read
  • Cubemitter VFX performance improvements
  • Added sleeping animations for pets
  • Improved Change Job screen is smaller but shows more information. Note for modders: if your mod adds a new job, you’ll need to add a “display_order” field in the job_description.lua file in order to show the job on the promotion screen. Look at any of the existing jobs as an example.

###Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where a Hearthling with ‘Heart of a Crafter’ trait could have both the positive and negative thought from the trait.
  • Fixed bug related to saving/loading during Follow Camera zoom.
  • Fixed engineers not being able to mine
  • Fixed attribute tooltips positioning in character sheet UI
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed items that shouldn’t be hung from being hangable.
  • Fixed glutton hearthlings from being stuffed when they are created
  • Fixed error with backpack capacity
  • Fixed number input in crafting menu triggering the speed buttons

Didn’t they already have this animations? Or it is an update to the old one.

This is AMAZING!!! No more clicking each hearthling to get the stats. YAY!! :jubilant:

Edit: Ooh - the change jobs screen is great too! Now I can see current levels, great if you have a hearthling who has multiple jobs and you switch a bit…


it is possible a dat to have the windows moving ? like a real windows ?
example : have the windows stat of guy and this windows but in my 2° screen ?

great job. i like the view of stat.

It’s not currently possible - but that’s an interesting idea. My guess is it would be a very large amount of engineering work, but someone like @linda could likely clarify better.


They now have “go to sleep” and “wake up” animations, beside the “sleeping” one.


Also noticed that the Icon changed? It’s changed from the Shield & Hammer to the StoneHearth’s ‘S’!

I don’t have strong opinions on it since i de feel like the old icon is a little off at this point(the game is about building and defending, but i think it’s a whole lot more now)


It did! @sdee mentioned on stream that @malley took the time a few weeks ago to vectorize the logo so it can be used in multiple places - which results in the logo appearing on the Windows taskbar!


You had a logo before? Interesting… for us it has been a Window’s default image for a while. We were considering this a fix of an error.


I did too…I’ve had the shield for months.


The shield was just for the desktop icon, the one that goes at the top bar of the game and at the windows task bar was just the default windows icon.


We just pushed another build that fixes a combat aggro bug, in case it was bothering you last night. Go @Albert and @jamiltron and @relyss for the team effort!


Here! i managed to dig up an old version of SH in my computer and this is the old icon


The above is the same icon that I see on my desktop for the shortcut. However, the active icon on my menu tray when playing is the new “S”. Is it supposed to be that way?

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My guess is that the desktop icon is cached in some way. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about Windows desktop icons to say for sure. Perhaps try adding the shortcut to the desktop again?

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I would suggest removing your shortcut, then running the game from steam, then pinning that shortcut to your menu. That should fix it to the new one.

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