♻ Turn-based multiplayer using a shared save file (Ascendancy, Temperate 🌲 )

How will this works:

We players will play, one at a time, in the same save file.
To avoid two players playing at the same time, we will use a “claim” system. As soon as the last player finish his turn, he will upload the modified game here, and another player will be able to claim it. Whoever claim it first gets that turn.
(Just post a message that you are now claiming it and will be playing it)
Avoid claiming a file if it is not available (like the last player hasn’t finished it yet, to avoid spam posts)


  • Don’t use mods. We need to keep the best compatibility possible with all players.
  • To avoid the same players keeping a monopoly, don’t claim a file if you already played in that week. Be kind and let other players have fun too.
  • Don’t destroy the work of other players.
  • You will have a limit of one (real life) day to play in the file after you claim it.
    (You can release your file as soon as you want, e.g.: if you played just a few hours and is done, you don’t need to wait for the full day time)
  • If we are (un)lucky to have a new version released, always use the latest full alpha version. (don’t use test or in-development versions)


  • If you want to work in a far place, you will have a hard time with hearthlings going back to old settlements. You can disable farms and filter stockpiles (but do not remove them) so your farmers and haulers can work near your new place. Or add new workbenches near you so crafters don’t work too far.
  • Avoid having too many items (there is an item limit in game). You can compact wood, stone and clay into piles, and sell whatever is not needed. (keep rare items, maybe other players will want them, renewables (food, plants, etc…) can be easily replenished later, so those are safe to sell)
  • Try to maintain the original landscape, at least in places you are not going to use, cause maybe other player would like that area.
  • With your download link, add the instruction about unzipping it inside the saved_game folder, to help those that haven’t messed with the game files before.

Instruction, step by step:

  • When the current player finish playing, he should save the game, and zip the correct save folder. Then upload it in a new post here (if the file is too big, you can upload elsewhere and paste the link for its download)
  • In that same post, he should add some picture(s) of what was done, so we can enjoy what is happening even if we are not playing at the moment, and to keep a nice historical register.
  • Make sure to give a warn about anything you find necessary (for example, if there was a bugged scaffolding somewhere, just point where it is, maybe the next player can fix it)
  • A new player will read that post, and claim it if he wants. Making sure to post a reply warning everyone he claimed it. Download the last save file, unzip it into your saved_games folder, and enjoy the game.


Right now, we are using The Ascendancy in the Temperate Biome, with peaceful mode.
This is the seed and map (and starting area)

This first round will sure show a few problems here and there, don’t worry. I hope this turns into a fun experiment. We can use what we learn here to improve next rounds (if there is interest into new one)


So, I guess you guys are waiting for me to start the game? :blush:

I played a little on this, used one of each default template as the start, and tried to not ruin the landscape as much as possible. I dig small pockets in the mountains to get some minerals, aiming to smelt gold needed in the crafting of one of the monuments required to advance to tier 2.

The blacksmith is still level 4 though (need 6 to smelt gold). Besides that, I didn’t leveled the carpenter (also level 4) so I didn’t got the shepherd tool yet (needs level 5). (We need a shepherd to get animals necessary in the crafting)

The good news is that we have 3 farmers (one already level 6) with all default crops enabled plus the just acquired golden gourd crop. There is one more crop trader waiting to return, he will bring cactus flowers. The oak saplings are all ready to harvest, so whoever gets the game now will have easy infinite wood. (So we can keep the natural forest)

I totally forgot about the potter though, sorry. But, I made one wrench, so if anyone wants an engineer, it is closer to have that job.

The game has a total of 15 hearthlings now. I added one stone pile but feel free to harvest it if you want, I was just compacting the resources. The log pile though I added as decoration :wink:

Save file download:

turn_based.zip (4.6 MB)

Remember to unzip it inside your saved_games folder (side by side with your other save folders)


I suppose I’ll claim it first.

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if we count in days of playing before uploading the save file, what kind of day? is it hearthling (ingame) days or real-time (sunday-saturday) days?

I think real days. Look at the amount of stuff he already has (houses, farms etc.). Wouldnt be done in just 1 ingame day. :slight_smile:


Yes, real life day. I played a few hours into this (mostly on auto-pilot while browsing)
This limit is just to avoid the game losing momentum with huge waiting times. Faster games, more people playing, more changes.
(This is just the max limit, if you don’t need a full day, just release it sooner)


Woah, great idea Bruno! I’ll definitely be taking a turn once I get back from a thanksgiving trip.


I hope you’re not enforcing that one day = exactly 24 hours from the post claiming it. I have to leave right now for the next hour, but there’s a couple of things I’d still like to do before handing it off.

You could always grab it again sometime in the future if you can’t get everything done.

turn_2.zip (8.1 MB)

Basically, I did a mining town. Or the start of one. Half of the “buildings” won’t finish construction. The first actual building isn’t built yet, but it’s started building. I do have the start of some cool looking machinery, though.

It’s late so I’ll upload some pictures without saying anything about each one. It’s well into Rainmun, at 20 Hearthlings [and 1 unfortunate death.] I’ve gotten most of the desert seeds.

Mining “lift” complete with “chains” pulled by “steam-boiler” powered “winch”, with “carts” [with “wheels”] on “rails”. The cart is storage, Hearthlings can get up and down, nothing else actually works.


I’ve never played Stonehearth for so long before. When you have food already set up and the town’s basically self-sustainable, the game gets downright addictive. I got way too far into it, and I hate myself for it. I’ve lost sleep two nights now, and this is exactly the night I shouldn’t have.

It was fun. But it’ll be a long, long while before I even want to think about asking for another turn.

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So we have a sheppard and a new trapper. The mason trained a new mason and then promoted to a potter.
We have 50x50 animal zones for each of the 3 animals. There is also a bridge started to connect he main village with the mining zone.

Savefile already grew past 10mb


I noticed they stopped building it because there is one ladder they need that they can’t reach. Your building is near the cliff, and the ladder they want is starting at the bottom of the cliff.

So, whoever gets the next game and wants to have that finished, just add a new ladder so they can go down and build the scaffold they want. I tested and it worked. :wink:

Although our mason have the levels to do it, I didn’t found a potter in your game though. Whoever needs a potter can just promote it in his turn though, so no big deal. :smile:

[details=about the amount of items]I also noticed that maybe I’m a minority here, but I always avoid having too many items that I don’t need. While in both these turns the amount of items were super high :stuck_out_tongue:
I grabbed the game from doc and it had so many items… I started selling it all to see if the lag would decrease (and it did) but it required 7 merchants to sell everything, cause they didn’t have enough gold to buy it all. I recommend for the next player to sell the items that are not needed, starting with those that are cheap, like 1 or 2 gold, so you can sell more in a single batch to a merchant, for example the 400 leather and 200 flowers that we have right now :sweat:[/details]

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going to claim this turn (unless i missed something and @BrunoSupremo claimed it)


Go ahead, I was just looking how was the progress, not claiming it. :blush:

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I was constantly selling saplings, flowers, and wheat during my turn. It was getting a little ridiculous.

I know the feeling.
When we need something the production rate is turtle slow.
Then when we don’t need it anymore there is suddenly thousands overflowing the stockpiles…

What I’m doing lately is simple shrink the production of things I don’t need. Turnips? Nah, just a row, why waste an entire 11x11 farm on it…

alright, my turns over i guess,

haha, i found the same thing. i never really thought the idea of a “creative mode” was interesting, where everything’s free and you don’t need to worry about sustaining your hearthlings/town, but now i’m kinda on-board with the idea… :stuck_out_tongue:

i started work on a lake village, didn’t really do anything to advance the game, such as promoting new jobs, getting tier 2, etc. just started building my town,

built a road from the main town over to my village

just a small hut beside the entrance bridge, people who wish to enter are encouraged to “donate” to the town.

two simple huts, one has a bed the other is empty, planning to do more decorating later on.

overview of the place, didn’t get a whole lot done, but i’m happy with the general style so far.

Note 1:

i placed a slab frame around the general area my town will occupy, though i don’t think it will get quite that big, i just wanted to give myself a limit otherwise i might take over the entire lake :wink:
Note 2: if anyone was planning on building a port/harbor town, please do! while my town is on/in the lake, it’s just going to be a small village, there’s no plan for ships or such.
Note 3: i’ve set my hearthling cap to 25, so if anyone else has it higher, perhaps lower it for this save. i’m not certain what would happen if you loaded a save that has more hearthlings than your cap, but it’s probably best to not find out…

link to save,


I’m going to snag it then. I can’t wait to see your town finished when it gets back to you.


So… I got way more engrossed in this than I was expecting. It’s really nice not needing to worry about food or anything, so I mainly just focused on building. I did have a few poyos and sheep killed (RIP) to make the donations to the church of plenty. The statue is built, but not placed, so we’re still T1. I didn’t promote anyone to potter or engineer, so they’re still up for grabs.

I decided to build at the very southern end of the lake. You can somewhat see 8-Bit’s town in the background.

I went for a forest village feel. (Side note: If we do this again with mods, I so want the Rune mod)

I made a nice path through the forest, which gets to the wide open plain area and stops.


This large crate got up onto the tree somehow. I built a ladder to it, but Hearthlings can’t climb trees, who knew?

This building won’t build. I don’t know why, every piece of scaffolding has a ladder. If you can figure out why it won’t go, that’d be great.

Rough boundary of my planned village.

Here’s the save file. The error comes from the mining village, as I didn’t build the ladder for the building over there.