The problem with mining in a beautiful game - and maybe a additional function of the Magma Smith?

The idea here is that well, the game is beautiful and I’m sure as the art style and engine gets stronger, we get more classes and buildings (maybe even steam machines?) that this will all be paint on the paper, but then comes mining, we need to do it, we need that gold, copper, Iron and Bronze, how else will be take over the world in our towers and forts, keeps and walls!

So here comes my suggestion …

Magma Smith - As one of the planned classes and by the sounds of it, a Runic moulder of forge and steel, his connection to their works are in them selves with the very primal earth and fire, to this end the Magma smith can set about a great mystic forge-portal that sends workers off into the fray to mine the deep-under.

A portal in short that generates a area (You click the portal to view it.) that your miners can go ape-crazy, just mining and the likes, it’s not without it’s risks and a guard or two is cautioned, the effects of this is less hearthlings on the surface, a risk of monsters in the portal - and maybe even coming OUT of the portal, a fire-deamon pouring out into your base! It’s very function is to be a literal gold mine that lets you gather lots of resources without messing up your game world / landscape, in minecraft you might get away with it, just throw some dirt over your crater, but seems as the AI would have issue with this, I offer the above proposal.

((Sorry @jomaxro I know I put this in a thread already, well, a post in a thread! =O! ))

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I agree with the daemon but i woul rather see him appear in deep cave coughbalrogcough

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Would be cool for when we can play as Dwarves, too!

exactly ! (not a loftr fan at all) :wink:

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Then just wait for modded Ascended to be Hobbits, the Raya’s children to be those middle eastern mercenaries from the tower of isenguard.

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