What happened to the magmasmith and geomancer?

We haven’t had many updates on these 2 classes and I wonder whatever hapopened to them? they were a big reason I bought this game and they seem to have just been ignored from the initial kickstarter concept and art.


I think they are lower priority. Just like the other kingdoms. I dont know for sure but i geuss that the advanced classes will come later down the line when the base game has all the core features.

Sorry - had to re-read that twice. Nearly 5 years and the base game isn’t done yet?
The crafting professions is what I bought this for in early 2013. I had hoped not to be dead of old age before it came out.
Seriously. I’m getting on and it seems to be increasingly likely that my death will antecede this game’s release.
I have loaded it up about once a year, most recently in August, still not enough there to play for a long period unless building is your big thing. If you love building blocks then this game might be great for long play throughs now, and generally I do like building, but the mechanics of building are quite buggy still and the ability to get funky with buildings, working in co-ordination with other game mechanics to create emergent gameplay elements isn’t really there yet as the rest of the game is still so bare bones.

I can wait. just hope it isn’t another 5 years.


The problem with the magmasmith is that it hasn’t a big gameplay reason to de added, as it is just a next level blacksmith (as far as I know). This will be a real challenge to add to the game with a good gameplay.

I guess we will probably see the Animal Trainer before those two.

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Well, if Y’all are going to add the Magmasmith, I made a hammer model for it because I noticed Y’all didn’t have a different model for it.forgee (fyi those copper things are induction coils to melt medals and a battery on top)(it spins inside and molten material comes out of the hammerheads)