Expansion of the Class Tree

Hey y’all, first time making a topic so be gentle ~ c:

TL;DR The class tree looks worryingly small, not what I had pictured in my head. I know there’s room for expansion, anyone heard anything as to the class tree’s development?

I don’t know about you guys, but when I found Stonehearth in its baby Kickstarter days, the team’s pitch had me literally drooling. One aspect of the game that I adored from the start is the RPG-style leveling-up Job/Class system, I fell in love with it INSTANTLY.

Now, I will preface this; I’m aware that this is an Alpha build, and I know they can add stuff in at any stage c:
BUT, my conern is this; looking at the newly released “job web” thingy, the tree looks a little lack-luster :c It looks like “Archer” (the one next to the Footman?) has no progression, and the Weaver is created in the very early stages of the game and stays that way forever more. And whatever happened to the Carpenter -> Mason -> Blacksmith progression?

So there’s the whiny bit, now the “but”; looking at the panel, I see a lot of space for it to branch out more! :smiley: Plus, the whole Arcane part of it still needs to be introduced, i.e., the “wizard” class we saw in one of those concept shots, the “Alternate Planes” needs a gateway, the Geomancer has to fit in somewhere. All of these give me hope c:

I was wondering if anyone had heard anything regarding the vastness of the class tree? If not, what classes would you like to see in the game? c:


Here’s a sneak peak. It looks like a lot of classes so far!

Edit: From this thread.


Oh, didn’t even read the blog, I just watched the video D:

Ta Silas, that makes me feel a lot more at ease c: <3

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Thank @The_M for posting this up for us to see. But glad you feel better!

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Treasure hunter seem like a very interesting class !
We definitively need a portal/gate Master to have a alternate plan gateway room. I would be cool to have a Strategist to coordinate defense maybe diplomate, explorer, priest (with small buffet and crazy religion a religion that take the rabbit clans for gods ^^)


I’ve been thinking about how to expand the class tree for mod classes, and TBH the best thing I can think of are a series of tabs along the edge. Ie you pick vanilla classes, or TelMod classes, or MapGameMod classes, or whatever.

The alternative is a rather dry drop-down menu or similar, which whilst efficient, loses a lot of the charms in the new design.

Something else that’s different in SH as opposed to, say, Dwarf Fortress or Gnomoria: you can’t create custom jobs. For example, in Gnomoria you can create a job that involves weaving and carpentry, and the poor schmuck who has it must go back & forth between the carpenter bench & weaver’s workshop to do his or her jobs. In SH though, a carpenter is just a carpenter, and can’t be made to do other jobs on the side.

I saw “Shield Bearer”.

I think I already found my favorite class. (I’m looking forward to the indomitable defense strategy already.)


I was thinking the same thing… now if they can have a mace I’ll be all set. I love me some Mace/Shield characters.


Same, but hammers are better :smiley:

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I’m more of a spear person, myself. Swords always seem to get the glory in medieval/fantasy genres, but polearms were tremendously important in pre-gunpowder combat–most games never seem to really capture that for me…

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Maybe a spear class to defeat goblin cavalry.

I get the impression that spears, halberds, pikes etc were of most use in massed combat. For skirmishing (that is, non-massed combat :stuck_out_tongue: ), then whilst swords tended to be overrated, you’d get a lovely collection of morningstars, maces, axes, and so on.

Yeah but what kind of battle stonehearth will have 20vs20 50vs50 100vs100 or more ?

Exactly my point (sorry for the pun :stuck_out_tongue: ). At the scale of combat we’ve seen so far, and are likely to see, spears probably aren’t ideal.

Sheep Riders with Lances! Goblins Beware!


So clearly I’ve got some backing of, “Moar classez at relees pls!” :stuck_out_tongue:

So y’all are thinking of anti-cav tactics, anti-armour tactics, that’s beautiful! But what about cavalry? Personally, I reckon Llamas are a very strong contestant, if indeed we do get mounted troops in the end, as the mount of choice :smiley:

That, or the ability to raise towering War Mammoths from the cradle…

I think there’s a good reason why humanity opted for horses (and occasionally camels) instead of llamas :stuck_out_tongue: .

Elephants at least were prone to panic IRL - they look scary as hell, but they’re actually intelligent enough to realise that charging all the spikey things is bad for their health, and so tend to try not to :stuck_out_tongue: . Horses kind of do the same, but we’ve had more millennia in which to teach them that yes, impaling yourself on a 12ft spear is a great thing to do…

But the devs have said that conventional animals, such as horses and cattle, won’t feature in the game :stuck_out_tongue: However, we’ve seen goblins riding wolves (so spoopy) and llamas have already been modelled :smiley:

For the mammoths, I was more thinking the Beastmaster, a class who can apparently choose an animal companion to fight with him/her, could take on a babby mammoth level it up into a loyal machine of war :smiley: One who is not afraid to impale itself on said pikes :c


Hence the sheep, raccoons, rabbits, foxes… so far :stuck_out_tongue: .

More seriously, I think there are two things to note here. First, when it comes to choice, some people will prefer their cattle ranch to their alpaca ranch, or their pigsty, or whatever - so more choice = good.

Second, there’s a fine line you have to be careful not to cross when it comes to suspension of disbelief. Mammoth “cavalry” are okay for example, because elephant cavalry existed, and mammoths are just hair elephants. But llama cavalry… they’re just not built for it, the way horses are. On the one hand you’re trying to say “here’s this semi-realistic town management game, where you have to juggle everyone’s professions etc” and the usual fantasy stuff that most people just accept (magic, goblins, etc) and then throwing them a curve ball with the llamas.

IMHO of course :stuck_out_tongue: .

Yak cavalry with a buff in mountain biome, Yak are used as mount and it’s pretty unconventional