40 Class Tree Suggestion for Ascendancy

I enjoy thinkering content for games i enjoy, so i made this little thing, a small suggestion for new classes in a radial class tree.

Details for the classes:

Farmer - Farmer no longer works with herbs, and instead can farm Papyrus, which is used by the Priest (wild version grows by water). Also Cook can be reached from Farmer OR Fisher
Herbalist - Now has a new ability: Forage, you designate areas in which the herbalist searches for hidden herbs, he can find flowers, berries and papyrus, Also Herbalist potions can now be used in combat, combat units will automatically carry and use potions
Cleric - Can also does what the priest does, writes scrolls and tomes, has now a low to mid range magical projectile attack (a light sphere that deals double damage to undead), so clerics throwing themselves at monsters and take cleave damage will no longer happen.

Priest - Priest’s Charm (made by Mason) - Uses Papyrus to make paper, uses paper to write scrolls, books and tomes, Tomes are weapons of choice for the Cleric, scrolls can be used like herbalist potions for area buffs, can also Heal in combat like the Cleric, but does not attack and will act as a civilian when attacked (runs away)
Bard - Bard’s Lute (made by Carpenter) - sings and play songs for other heartlings while they eat, chat or sit by the fire, boosts their morale and movement speed
Virtuoso - Brass Trumpet (made by Blacksmith) - Support combat version of the Bard, increases health regeneration of hearthlings, boosts attack and move speed and can put some weaker enemies to sleep.
Slinger - Rope Sling (made by Weaver) - Basic ranged class, archers no longer pass through footman, Slings are made by the Weaver
Fisher - same as the Archipelago mod
Druid - Druid’s Totem (made by Artisan) - Can act both as a herbalist, doing everything the herbalist does (like the Cook can act as a Farmer) plus acting as support in combat, summoning entangling roots and power and defense boosts to other units, also can heal poison in combat.
Brewer - Brewing Tools (made by Blacksmith) with features from Brewery mod - Makes several types of drinks
Artisan - Artisan Tools (made by Blacksmith) - Can create sculptures honoring other hearthlings and other art that provokes conversation topics and positive thoughts, can also craft very detailed and delicate items and powerful Longbows for Snipers and compact Shortbows for Scouts
Jeweler - Jeweler’s Tools (made by Blacksmith) - Creates gear for Priests, Clerics, Bishops, Druids, Geomancers and Paladins, can also create the Crystal Hammer used by the Magmasmith
Tanner - Leatherworker Tools (made by Artisan) - Leather Racks and pelts fills his workshop, can create gear for Druids, Geomancers, Scouts, Archers, Snipers, and Warriors
Scout - Shortbow (made by Artisan) - Has the special ability to hide inside trees, can still act as a trapper to acquire food and sleep on trees (if he has a pet he can take the pet to the tree and have it keep him company), while on top of the tree gains very large view range and warns you about enemies approaching, cannot be seen by enemies while in the tree, but can’t attack from there
Warrior - Battle Axe( made by Blacksmith) - Two handed weapon specialist, allergic to shields, has powerful cleave and whirlwind attacks
Architect - Architect Blueprints (made by Priest) - Speeds up building, uses less materials, and can act both as Carpenter and Mason (but crafts slower)
Bishop - Bishop Scepter (made by Jeweler) - Mass healing and poweful buffs, also be able to disable enemy casters, can also revive allies who died recently, extremelly fragile.
Paladin - Mithril Shield (made by Magmasmith) - Resistant to enemy casters, able to heal and protect allies and casts powerful auras to boosts allies, very effective against undead, tank class
Champion - Lion Medalion (made by Jeweler) - Can basically use any weapon and armor, has powerful shouts that demoralizes enemies and makes them panic, tank class
Halberdier - Iron Halberd (made by Blacksmith) - Work really well in grounds, the halberdier has the ability to push enemies away and stop enemies that try to walk by them by slashing and tripping enemy legs, a wall of halberdiers can stop and push back melee enemies with ease
Gunner - Revolver (made by Engineer) - Uses guns made by Engineers, focus on mid~high range area attacks, from ricochet bullets to large bombs made by Alchemists.
Sniper - Longbow (made by Artisan) - Wields Longbows and attacks from very long range, specializes in high single target damage.
Beastmaster - Wolf Mantle (made by Tanner) - Tames beasts to use in battle, the Beastmaster himself is quite weak when his beast is not arround (wolf for damage, bear for tanking)
Glassmith - Iron Blowpipe (made by Blacksmith) - Creates glass items out of sand (mostly from archipelago and desert biomes), can also make porcelain and very high value items.
Alchemist - Mortar & Pestle (made by Potter) - Crafts Bombs for Gunners and gunpowder for powerful Engineer cannon turrets, can also make much improved potions made mostly out of mixes of herbs and powdered metals, can also transmute Iron into Gold and Silver into Mithril (advanced metal used by Magmasmith)
Shipwright - Shipwright Tools (made by Artisan) - Makes functional ships, mostly for the archipelago map (yes i understand this would be a nightmare to actually implement)
Magmasmith - Crystal Hammer (made by Jeweler) - Will make gear for Paladin, Champion and Halberdiers and whatever the devs have planned for it.
Geomancer - Clay Idol (made by Potter) - Modify terrain and make golems, the devs already have plans for these last two classes.


The druid and the beastmaster sounds a lot like the druid from diablo2. I really like that class in that game, really creative in my opinion. And it is something I always wanted to bring to our game as a new class. So far I only have an empty manifest file to remember me of working on it later. :sweat:

Though I’m actually working on a new class right now (almost ready) and it is not in this list, not even close :sunglasses:


AAAAA Stop teasing! You guys better announce it soon!

Oh, you forgot the animal trainer (unless that is the beastmaster).
From some scarce info from last year, the animal trainer will have a big role in the North Alliance.

Yeah thats what i had in mind when i saw the old page in the wiki and saw Beastmaster there

They are Viking themed aren’t they? I suppose the Berserker class will actually be part of it then.

For the sake of your graphic the juweler exists in a mod, the chabonitmod.

I can’t find the edit button for the post content, only title and tags, so im posting the pic here

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The Bruno, useless but does look cool :smiley: :rofl::joy:
Sorry, just kidding :wink:

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Like the king class? Lol. That was just to prove a point, there was that discussion where a lot of people were asking for the implementation of such a class and a lot saying it was useless, I’m on the team that thinks it does not fit, so I made that class as a joke. :sweat_smile:

This new class has a small new mechanic to it. With my current rhythm I guess it will be ready for release in two weeks. It is mainly missing the outfit and animations.


new mechanic
current rhythm


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That would be an interesting class too! Now with the traits and thoughts implemented in the game it can have some nice gameplay effects. Maybe one day.


God damn and i was sure i had it guessed.
Well i added the Bard/Virtuoso classes and since i can edit the original post now they are up in there.

It’s definitely a class I’d love to see!

Actually, I’ve been thinking about how it could work, and I may have to post a mod suggestion somewhere…

These all sound amazing for a very fleshed out full game experience, like it would be cool to have a game where you don’t “need” all the classes to succeed in the game, which is kinda what this looks like which is great!!!


Yeah, i went for variation, specially for combat classes, im tired of always having 1 knight 2 clerics 4+ archers simply because its much better than any other combination of classes.

Replaced Berserker with Halberdier, since Berserker will probably fit the northern alliance better

This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen. Also @BrunoSupremo , I didn’t know you worked for Radiant, congrats!

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I can see that working in a forest area like the temperate biome, but not so much in the desert. Where would they search there, in the sand?

Again, what about when they’re in the desert? This class would be pretty much useless then.

Wouldn’t this kinda make a Cleric pointless then? I mean it’s basically an upgraded cleric.

A tank that can also heal others. Not only a bit OP, but definitely making the Cleric useless.

So Paladin without healing?

This would only be for the archipelago map. Yes it’d work on temperate in select cases, but otherwise useless without another mod.

Looking at other games, some common classes they have are, ninjas, pirates, necromancers, elemental mages, assassin, monk. Those are all combat classes though, and as such, there is a lot of overlap, something that does not go well in this game.

No, I’m just a modder. The class I’m working on is a new mod.

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Not every class should be useful in every map, A huge amount of classes is supposed to allow the player to adapt to different situations

You can forage hidden seeds underground waiting to germinate and spice herbs, also plenty cacti

Its a forest-focused class, but the desert do have trees too

The bishop would be the best healing class indeed, it would be very costly to make one. its an endgame class.

Its not OP if you balance it, the Cleric can melee enemies with his book, that doesn’t mean he can replace a footman in the frontlines

The Paladin would be very limtied to one-handed weapons, since it has to carry a shield all the time

Yes, its for maps with big oceans mostly, you don’t need to make a Shipwright every game

Thank you for the feedback, i hope i have made my ideas more clear to understand

Btw im finishing up a suggestion for the Rayya Children class tree, will be done tonight