A21 Chabonit`s Mod - Wealth and Leadership R15.04

This mod is about gems, gold, diadems, crowns and much more. It implements two new classes

The Jeweler

The Leader



  • Jeweler class to promote from worker (will change to blacksmith)
  • Jeweler workshops (Washing Bin, Gem Crusher, Cutter table and Smelting oven)
  • NEW mining resources ( 6 different Raw gems, Quartz Sand)
  • Jeweler Recipes:
    6 Cleaning gems to their better parts
    5 Faceted Gems and 2 Scales from Gold and Obsidian
    4 Crushing Gems to get Gem Powders
    3 Metals spun to threads
    2 new circlets for the Cleric
    6 Amulets with buffs for Footman / Knight and Worker Class
    3 Rings with buffs for Worker Class
    16 Decorations
    3 Diadems for the archer
    3 Rings for footman and Knight
    Weaver Recipes
    1 Helmet for the archer
    3 Robes for the cleric
    Herbalist recipes
    4 Plant Life
    4 Healing Tonics
    3 Town Buff Elixirs
    Blacksmith recipes
    4 Obsidian Armors
    2 Obsidian shields
  • Effects:
    Workbenches with Light and Particle Effects
  • Stockpile:
    Stockpile enhancement to sort Jeweler Materials

The Leader

3 workbenches
10 recipes
10 buffs
a lot of effects

The kingdom - A campaign of wealth and leadership needed to unlock the leader talisman starting beyond 20 citizens

1 talisman for the Leader
3 workbenches for the Leader
2 Equipment pieces for the Leader
15 Furniture and Decoration pieces for further use

Special Thanks go to:

@Stmpnk for his Artwork on the Jeweler Perk Icons
“I love your work. It raises the quality of my mod”

Thanks to:

@Fornjotr for critics, inspiration and the nice talks
@Shinsaka for the help with the stockpiling
@dalabo for the best critic :slight_smile:
@Logo for text work in the kingdom campaign
@Wiese2007 for his work on german translation
@BrunoSupremo for all the pms answered

Entities added: 98
Recipes: 78
Buffs added: 12
Campaigns added: 1

Down the Road:

  • adding happiness to decoration and furniture
  • animate Gem crusher workbench
  • adding “magic” crystals …i don`t know by now what might come out of that
  • create a table with all the info to balance modded entities
  • fully doing the awakened wood resource line
  • picking up the open lines i left behind
    Far away
  • maybe revive my fine stone craft mod
  • search for old data with marble mod and fountains i did back then

Here`s your newest download Link:

The mod is not balanced and not finished but should do without crashes
Jeweler Mod 13.1 old


As for now the Cleric and Archer are lacking huge amounts of possible equipment. Any chance the jeweler combined with a weaver could do this like in the good old days ?

Indeed I believe a jeweler should then be the split upgrade with engineer coming out of blacksmith.

Great idea

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Yes but i`m not sure by now how many equipment placres are possible.
There is
hat, torso, off hand and main hand

The problem is that only the best availible equipment piece will be worn. I plan to craft some diadems for clerics, which is no problem. Also diadems for the archer will be no problem (i hope)
ATM i`m teaching the jeweler some new threads, so he can give it to the weaver to craft better cloth armors

Clerics currently only have headgear and their tome.

A staff for lvl 6
A robe for lvl 5

Every crafter is just naked + a tool, we should be able to give them Worker outfits as well.

Archers have their quiver and bow, but nothing else.

An outfit for lvl 6
A piece of headgear for lvl 5

Mason could have an apron
Carpenter could have a toolbelt
Engineer could have a toolpouch
Blacksmith apron + gloves + headgear
Farmer outfit overalls and maybe collectorsbaskets for on their back
Shepherd White n Red checkered wintervest and a backpack
Trapper Camouflage (basic as possible ) outfit and a backpack
Herbalists - something -
Potter apron
Cook apron and chefshat
Weaver - something -

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First things first
The jeweler goes first…everything he can craft directly as equipment i will implement soon the other things will stand back until that

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i actually red all of that… why xD

I love watching this guy washing raw gems


wheres the download xD

He’s working on it, clearly he doesn’t want us to just wash stuff. Once there’s a use for the things I’m sure we will get a download.

I hope jewelry in general gives a happiness boost or other bonus’ and it’s worth the wait.

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@maddyGrand you`re totally right. I´m not giving some unfinished business away.

Happyness…ok, true haven`t thought of that until now. I will check the happiness system later down the road

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k sorry xD though i just missed the download and im blind

I mean luxuries should make a people slightly more happy. I’d rather have a bad day on a cruiseship than on the street.

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I’d suggest changing the title to something along the lines of ‘Jewler’s mod (WIP)’. Just putting ‘Chabonit’s Mod’ doesn’t really help people unless it’s something that changes everything in the game, and it appears to be in development and not ready for release.

it is ready for release but not balanced so you will get lot and lots of crystals and the net worths of crystals are not balanced to the rest of the game.
I will release this the coming week.

The Title chabonit mod
I thought about jewelers mod but i want to go beyond adding one class. The goal is to add complexity and life to stonehearth.

Added silver and gold circlet for lvl 4 and 5 cleric (sry only copy and paste work)

  • rebuild some qb`s from gems

A screen from actual testing


i cant lie that looks epic…

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I’m not sure, but I think it is possible to add any amount of equipments, to any body part you want. Like you can create boots or rings (there was actually a mod that added rings before)

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I’m pretty sure you can do this as well, it brought me to the idea of using 2 sets of working clothes for every hearthling who’s not a crafter/military or even backpacks you can throw on ANYONE. Stuff like that would have significant quality of life increase.

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Okay, I finally got around to looking at the mod.

Two of the gems are mislabeled. Topas is suppose to be spelled Topaz, and Smaragd is suppose to be Emerald.

Gem Crushing is misplaced, or the level that you can crush gems is wrong. You can crush them at lvl 1, but the job abilities tab says that you get the ability at level 2.

There isn’t a workshop tag under the workshop tab for the Jewler, but you can get around that by going directly through the crafting table or Jewler themselves.

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