[MOD] Blacksmith and Ores

Hey guys! I have another mod for you. This one, unlike my Task Manager mod, adds quite a bit of content. Brief feature list:

  • Mason recipe for Blacksmith Hammer
  • Entire Blacksmith job class
  • Outfit
  • Hammer
  • Custom anvil and forge workbench
  • Custom banner icon
  • Recipes
    • Ingots (Copper, Iron, and Gold)
    • Carpenter’s Saw
    • Trapper’s Knife
    • Iron Sword
  • 3 Ores
  • Iron Ore
  • Copper Ore
  • Gold Ore
  • Mining loot table includes the 3 new ores mined at random but much slower than stone
  • Carpenter Reinforced Door recipe requires 1 Iron Ingot
  • Mod is standalone


Download: v0.3.0 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9SU_-E1jB2FRHlzT21VdnRud2M

Old Versions:

As always please let me know if anything is broken for you and if you have any suggestions.

Enjoy! :smile:


I am confused. Is this a real working mod or just parts of it?
How do you install it? override the stonehearth files? Because as a separate mod it does not work for me. Looking at your manifest it looks like overriding, but I am not really in favor of doing that.


Some guidance:


I will wait for the screnshots and see how is the mod, but i like the idea to see this right now. Don’t think that they will make ores random, but is a good way to test

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how do you go about installing this mod? I have tried just about everything I can thank of.

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good gravy! I would love to see some screenshots/hear some feedback from folks…

this sounds fantastic! :+1:

nothing like sneaking into the code and unearthing some unreleased goodies… :smile:

moar! moar!


Why did you copy-paste the entire stonehearth manifest just to add the blacksmith and the ores? That won’t work at all. :disappointed_relieved:

You can use overrides if you need to modify core files for the terrain, etc. And create and add your own entities in your manifest.

We can’t test it in no way right now. The games closes inmediately :cry:


Yep that is 100% true :cry:

This is just an initial test/alpha version that requires copying over into the main stonehearth files. It will not yet work as a separate/standalone mod. I only just got it all working last night guys lol

Answers to a few questions so far:

  1. Yes this is a fully working mod though the blacksmith recipes only include the ingots so far
  2. The ores are random simply because it was very easy to implement it that way. I plan to add veins of ore into the world generation eventually but that’s going to be a while yet.
  3. This is just an initial test version that is NOT yet standalone and MUST be copied into the main files

Those who can’t get it to work at all are you trying to use it as a standalone mod or are you copying into the main files? I’m hoping that given time today I will get things tidied up into a standalone mod along with the screenshots.


I just finished the first round of cleanups and now have it built as a standalone mod. I have also added a few screenshots and will be adding more later today. The new download link is in the main post.

In order for the recipes to show up properly you will need to have your mason(s) change jobs to something else then back again to a mason. Then the hammer recipe will show up. For some reason the citizens seem to cache their recipe lists but don’t refresh unless they level up or change jobs.

Enjoy! :smile:


okay will download and try!

I think you should just join the Stonehearth team if you know how to do all these stuff… 0.0


so does this add recipies to other proffessions to actually make stuff out of the ore as well? or are you going to add recipies to the smith to make them(or already in)?

nope not yet, soon hopefully

soon as it does, if BS isnt implemented yet…soooo gonna use it

This mod is fantastic! Msy I recommend some recipes? Firstly, we need the carpenters saw, metal armor and weapons are also a good idea. Those shouldn’t be much harder to implement than what you’ve already done. Keep up the great work!

Well, the next version will include at least the Carpenter’s Saw and the Iron Sword. I already have the recipes done just testing and tweaking. If things go well I may add in the Armorsmith and Weaponsmith jobs as well and put most, if not all, of the armor and weapon recipes onto those. Most of the recipes and qubicle voxel objects I’m working on for the blacksmith are things like an Iron Gate, Iron Door, Iron Bar Window, and so on.


Looking for suggestions for what the copper and gold should be used for by the Blacksmith. Right now all of the recipes I’m working on for the Blacksmith are for using Iron. By technical definition of what a Blacksmith is this would ordinarily be fine but most games use a “Blacksmith” role to work with most, if not all, of the base metals.

That said I haven’t been able to come up with many practical things to be made of the other two metals, copper and gold. So far my ideas for copper are plumbing parts and brewery parts. And my ideas for gold are coinage and guilded items like a statue covered with hammered gold or bits of building fixtures with gold accents.

So let me know what you guys would want from Iron, Copper, and Gold because the more suggestions I get the better I can plan and build them out.


Here’s a few suggestions.

Trombone, French Horn, Saxophone, etc.
Door with shiny doorknob
Copper sheets (used for copper roofs)
Fancy bed (bed with an iron frame and copper accents, more comfortable than a comfy bed)

Throne (comfy chair with gold leaf, food is more filling in it)
Gold altar (for worshipping Cid)
Gold embroidered wall hanging (perhaps the blacksmith makes gold leaf, and the weaver uses it to make this)
Goblin trap
Gold boulder (just a stone covered in gold, which is loved by Hearthlings for some reason)

I was going to suggest something more ornamental, at least initially… as some of the more rare ores would obviously be in much shorter supply, which would lend themselves to recipes for smaller items…

a statue, hilt of a weapon, frame around a chair, etc (as opposed to items made entirely of gold)…