[Help] [Mod Creation] How do I create items and recipes in A17?

Could Someone please give me a download to a mod I can mess around with so I can learn how to create placeable craftable items in Alpha 17? I would also appreciate a list of crafting ingredients I could use to make a recipe. Thanks in advance! Sorry if I’m a noob!

I have tried to do it myself, you can download it here, anyway, so I went along and added an item based off a stone bench, made all of the correct files, made a recipe for the mason, added it to en.json, I did everything. Converted to an smod file. Loaded up Stonehearth. All good. Loaded a world. All good. Opened up the mason’s workbench. All good. No recipe. This is my problem. Please can someone help me?

at first dont forget you need a recipe - so just look into the stonehearth.smod (its a zip which you can open) there you will see there are entities and under jobs receipes for the entites.

list of ressources? thats your decision xD normal wood, stone, claybricks but if you want you can say i want as resource a woodsword and he make it into a tank ^^

edit: ok i have looked into it at the first thing - there is no manifest -.- a manifest tells the game what its included and what he should do. also the en.json is to extrem - you havent maked an own - you have just copied the existing and add new stuff -.-

I have a recipe, I will make a manifest file, but I’m sorry, I haven’t got the information I asked for.

sry im working next to it ^^

here the fixed mod:

and for reference: there are lots of topic or mods where you can look into it :wink:

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