Essential mods?

Any essential mods I should really have?

At this point, not really. However, I will recommend phector2004’s Torch Mod.


Maybe the debug tools ( GitHub - stonehearth/debugtools: Stonehearth Debug Tools Mod ). :confused:

But that’s if you’re interested on debugging or you want to cheat when you don’t have resources or want to spawn scenarios earlier :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


How do I install it? Putting it in mods doesnt work

Debug tools, do that make commands possible to reset AI/pathfinding or something?

You drag the .smod file into your Stonehearth\mods directory. I just tested it, the game booted fine and the recipes were in the carpenters workshop.

Really odd, I have it there, and yet it does not appear for the carpenter :sa:
Nor does the villagers have any lights on them

The villagers aren’t supposed to have lights, it’s something you build and it helps prevent low-courage footmen from running away.

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Yet, it does not appear in carpenters workshop either :confused:

Could you check once more for a ‘Small Torch’ recipe under the ‘Armor’ category. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be loading for you. :confused:

Not there :cry:

Make a new game. Mods that add items and recipes and the like to a game will have no effect on a game made before the mod was added.

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Another crucial mod for me (will be less so when backpacks/crates are released): Zulser mod. It allows the carpenter and mason to craft conveyor belts.