Mods in games / mods creates a

Hello to all.
First I am new in StoneHearth and wanted to be or how to install mods how to make one.
I’d like to do or add one or mods because I find the games boring a can so I want to add things like monsters or other … her would not hurt right?
Oh also, even if I have a mods I do not know how to put it in the games.
So if qunlqun could tell me how to make her his part would be nice :slight_smile:

I hope you may even ready.
Thanks if qunlqun and tells me how to create mods and how mettres in the games.

Thank you.

So you want to know how to make a mod? Or how to install one?
If it’s for installing then I made a tutorial video for it:
How To Install Mods Stonehearth

Or else you can go to:

Thank you :slight_smile:
Just one thing if I would not have understood very well I might ask?
Even though I know how!

Yeah, sure, you can always ask. If you never ask, you’ll never know!


Thank you is nice passing I put a mods.
the video and I enfaite not find the object when I change job I find not how to make them: /
if it can help you I’m 10.5 alpha.
I hope you find a solution, because-I am not disappointed that his walk!

@Sifemacak, are you saying that you can’t find the object, to promote someone to a new job (in a mod?)

or is it that you can’t / don’t know how to create the workbench of a crafter?

or maybe you don’t find some ingredient for crafting an object?

No I can not find the object of the mod

perhaps it would help if we knew which mod it is that you cant find an object from :wink:

ok this is the mod settlementdecor and when I put anything I find I have all the mod delve into the games I find nothing!
if it can help you I’m on my 10.5 also says that walking is mod 11 alpha apparently!

have you tried using the mod in Alpha 11?

so you cant find any of the items from the mod? or is it just your having trouble finding certain items?

i’m also just going to page @The_M as hes the creator and might be able to hep.

All the items are included in new job : Potter and the other (forget the name xD).
But i thinks you must restart a game because your blacksmith cannot do the tools if it’s a loaded game.
I hope to help you !

PS: why no more mod ? i love this game but i have no skill for modding :confused: some know a tutorial about how do and import a item fro any software (free xD).

sorry but I know of no software to make our mod and if I was I would not how to put them in the game!
Then I’m not 11, but alpha alpha 10.5 and when I put the mod to forge ah they do nothing!

I have the same problem forge dont provide the tools … i will see :confused: tell me if you find the solution :wink:

@Sifemacak @KAmEtLeon installing the mod after starting a game shouldn’t prevent the recipe items from loading only environmental items like the sunflower’s and foxfire. If nothing is showing up then you may have installed the mod to the wrong file location your stonehearth mods folder should look like this.

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The file is at teh correct position, in the good folder :confused:

you did make sure to start a new game after adding the mod, correct?

Ok it’s working :wink:
I erase the file, redownload and it’s ok :smile:
Thx all :smile:
Now i am looking a tutorial for create my modding item and share it to you all !!!

I have deleted the mod re download the mod I go to the folder “Mods” I put I start the game I am going on my part I am going to see the forge direct and they were not for the mod!