New to stonehearth modding

Ive modded other games and have had lots of ideas for stonehearth and have been watching for voxelshop to be able to xport in qb format but i knwo theres other tools im going to need (i suck at json and lua scripting though ) what other software (testworld tools Json and lua editors animation software so on) do i need or might i want to have access to (i have some ideas that require animation )

Im, using sublime text 3 to write my mod and magicavoxel to make my models and I center them and separate them in voxelshop

im completely making them in voxel shop i have a few concept items made (and ive only had voxel shop installed for an hour what tools would i need to make the game see the items (in a mod and testworld

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Theres a sample mod you can download.
also theirs this video:

could you link the sample mod im currently waiting for my computer to extract the game (home the devs dont mine me taking a peek at the games “sourcecode” just so i can get an idea on how to make my mod work with your engine @yshan @jomaxro and every one else on the dev team (i need your discorse names so i can properly page the right person for an issue i may be having

Ide say look at the video and take a look at rayyas children, rayyas is pretty much a mod as it just adds stuff over top the base kingdom.

Startermod (and more) is located on the teams Github: stonehearth (Gareth Loremaker) · GitHub.

There is no issue looking at the stonehearth.smod or other smod. I studied them when I made my first mod.

Also, I’m not a developer, just your friendly community moderator :smiley:.

As for the team, Yang is @yshan, Stephanie is @sdee, Linda is @Linda, Albert is @Albert, Allie is @Allie, Richard is @Brackhar, Brad is @brad, Nikki is @Sweet, Malley is @malley, and Chris is @not_owen_wilson. That being said, with modding questions please let the community help before paging a dev - there’s a lot of knowledge in the community so we try and let the devs develop as much as possible, and only page them when needed.


ok i just wanted to be sure i wasent breaking any ToS rules goverend by Radiant dun wanna lose my game :persevere:


No worries! There’s nothing secretive in the smods. The engine itself is closed source, but that’s not in the smod.


just going to add a bit to what @jomaxro said, if you’re not sure who to page within the community, @Drotten is our resident modding support , and of course myself and the other moderators can always help you find the right people.

i’m also just going to point you in the direction of the modding rules thread, encase you hadn’t already seen it,

hope this helps :slight_smile:

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30 mins into the video and the keyboard shes using is giving me a migrane (headset user

so im running into a small json issue which i cant seem to gifure out what its problem is
what have i done wrong

You need a curly bracket after info, not a square bracket.

Also of note, assuming this is a manifest.json, you’re going to want Info to be all lowercase. Version also needs to be 3, as that is the current Stonehearth mod version - this isn’t to be used as your mod version.

    "info": {
        "name": "Conveyor_mod",
        "version": 3
    "aliases": {
        "belt1": "file{entities/belt_1/testbelt.json}"

Edit: useful website:


yay my first item thats my own (i can spawn it with debug tools anyways)

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ok i think i have the recipe set up for the engineer to make (need to force spawn an engineer at the beginning of the game to test how do i summon an almighty master engineer with thye magic of debug tools (or in game commands

something broke :rage:


Hi @dutchuss2016

Your manifest has invalid syntax:


should be


(with parenthesis, not curly braces)

And use all lower cases and no spaces in your names, those can give problems later on. So instead of Conveyer Mod, use conveyer_mod. The same in for other words in your mod.

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Paste your code onto this JSONLint - The JSON Validator and check it for small errors.