One Rule to Ring Them All

Hey Everyone,

As the Stonehearth Game Engine solidifies beneath us, we’re nearing the point in our development plans where
making and playing mods will become an increasingly important part of everyone’s experience.

We’ve seen some truly inspired creations already – and we fully expect the world of modding to explode in the coming months. So what better time than now to establish some rules – okay, really just one rule – to guide your efforts.

We want everyone who wants to mod to feel able to do so. We also want everyone to provide an appropriate level of respect and consideration for others’ creations. We don’t want to exercise a heavy hand with this, but we do think it’s important to establish our expectations on how you, a modder, should interact with other modders’ work.

So here’s The Rule: If someone wants to use someone else’s work, then they must get explicit written permission to do so. If the original creator does not grant that permission, it’s not okay to go ahead and use the work.

In other words, if you ask and they say no: don’t use their work. If you ask and they don’t reply: don’t use their work. If you ask and they say yes: then go ahead. Pretty simple, right?

Respect other people’s efforts; they’ll respect yours. We don’t want to get all tied up trying to adjudicate who stole from whom arguments. (That’ll make us angry. And you don’t want to see us when we’re angry.)

We thank you in advance for your cooperation… and we can’t wait to see what you’re going to make!

– Brad (for Team Radiant)


Where do the rules stand in terms of using Radiant’s ‘stuff’

I.e. situations like:

If somebody makes a mod set in a different era/environment and uses SH’s beds and chairs


If someone copy-pastes a SH item and reskins or lightly modifies it


Awesome! Thanks for the thread brad. I’m looking forward to see the community creations. Oh gosh is going to be great :smiley:
By the way, do you think is going to be possible to create a sort of an event that promotes modding? For example, a contest with rewards for the first etc. I believe it would make people more excited about it!

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@phector2004: You are completely free to use our (Radiant’s) stuff, with one caveat. That is, you can use any item that is in the game, or any playable feature – but we ask that you not modify or otherwise use unreleased features or content. We know that in some cases code for an unreleased feature may be present in a given release, though in a dormant state. Please wait until something is official and playable before, um, playing with it.

You don’t need to ask us for permission to use our stuff… but we’d appreciate a credit when you let your creation loose upon the world.


@Yuno: Absolutely! In fact, we’re planning right now for more ways to promote modding – an event or contest is definitely part of our thinking.


i keep forgetting to ask this,

without their permission, are we allowed to look around in someones code/mod to get an idea of how they achieved/implemented something?

hopefully that made sense…


@8BitCrab - sure, that’s not an issue (assuming, of course, that the mod in question is open for inspection). Seeing how other people do things is how we learn.
The problem is when people copy part or whole of a mod without asking permission, and then making that part of their own work.


Is it permitted to make money off of one’s mod via services such as Adfly? If not, I’m not bummed-out; if so, I may have just found a lucrative new hobby. :smile:

I have a question about if don’t reply part.

If u ask and they don’t reply can’t u just update it for them I mean alot goes into making an original mod from scratch I know but if u just update keep original name and give them the credit is it ok then?


Personally, I would say the answer to this is no. Even if you give them credit, it is still their content in the end. What if they want the mod to stay dead but wanted to leave the content up to give others an example to look at?

If it is that type of situation and you cannot get them to respond, it would just be best to create a new mod from scratch. Otherwise they may return and be very upset that you hijacked their mod.


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well to think about personally i would have been honored that someone liked my mod so much they updated it for me. its hard making one from scratch, to think that they still have time to update it every update in game while making different mod.

thats what i think personally .

To quote, well, me:

That means if you ask and they don’t respond, it’s not okay to use their work (even if you credit them). We understand that you may want someone to update their mod – but if they haven’t, that’s their choice. We’ve established this rule because too many situations have arisen with people wanting to use other people’s code (or creations) – and this is the simplest way for us to ensure that the rights of creators are respected while still giving others an opportunity (if they ask) to build upon previously created works.


i did ask no answer and i gave them credit.


[quote=“brad, post:13, topic:16926”]
That means if you ask and they don’t respond, it’s not okay to use their work (even if you credit them).
[/quote] :confounded:


oh, i didn’t see his reply over here…

its ok it doesnt work right any way ill take it down

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I am new to the Stonehearth community as in I made a discourse account today and I have played stonehearth for a little while and what I am really wondering is, is there a written (I have problems with not being able to cite words when it comes to a video so preferably written) explanation on how to mod on the forums that takes you step by step explaining how to mod something and then a quick tutorial on how to mod an actual item just so you can figure it out. I really want to get into modding but no idea where to start.

Welcome to the forum, @huskysniff :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that we have a written tutorial that is up-to-date, but maybe you can take a look at this GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_basic: A most basic starter mod to get you going! and this GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_items: a sample mod showing how to create different types of items

They are small mods to get started. To mod an item, we usually copy-paste an existing item from the game, and modify some values to our convenience. The startermod_basic is the best example to figure out how to add an item with its recipe.

For advanced (but possibly outdated) tutorials, you can search inside the Modding category: