Fallout Conversion


It’s not really a finished thing, I literally downloaded Qubi 2 hours ago and fiddled with it. More of a “this is what I can do” than a"this is all I’m doing" thing.

@SteveAdamo is it showing for you yet? :c

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Ok, keep up the good work.


yes sir! :+1:

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This mod better include the Legendary Bloatfly.


Pointing out that i do NOT actually have this game (waiting for steam edition, i see it come out, im jumping on that), but being a sandbox fanatic, i saw this game and watch a few videos, instantly hooked, now i see something like this, my jaw dropped faster than the bombs fell. if it’s not already obvious, i’m a huge fan of the fallout series, i would love to see something like this come to be, as i’m sure any other fallout fans would (the following above), and i would love to help… only issue is most i could give is modeling (when i have the program) and help on concept (which we have here already due to the support of the other 98 comments here), but overall, if this is still being done, i have to say, Do, Not, Stop.


@Roughshod Hey, if you need code work or UI work shoot me a PM with the details. I’m pretty busy with MechanicalMod right now but variety is the spice of life and this is something I’d love to help work on here and there :smile:

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There is a steam version. just no store page for it.


I know, i mean, i’m waiting for it to go to be sold on steam, iv’e seen that it is greenlit on steam, i’m just waiting for it to be bought now. …side note, iv’e been wondering on the ghoul subject, would it be possible to make a few of the hearthlings as ghouls (non feral of-course)? i mean, i wouldn’t make much sense to make feral ghouls but no regular’s, and i would love to have them as hearthlings (Note: i may have missed someone requesting this already, if so, i apologize).


Why is there being a store page make it any more relevant than it is now? You visit the store page once, buy it and never go back. the store page is irrelevant.

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I would if i Could… No credit Cards…sorry! gonna have to wait for steam.


Hello again! With the release of the steam page and hopefully obtaining it soon (within the week) i thought i would Attempt to assist you within the only way i can, basically testing the mod, in terms of time, well at the current time, Time is the one thing i’m not running out of any time soon (in otherwords, too, much, time, on my hands…), so if this mod is still in the works, please do tell! i would love to hear on the progress, as i’m sure others would as well!


i have some java and modeling experience, can i help? (i hope this mod isn’t dead…)

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i’m pretty sure it is…

of course, you could feel free to make your own fallout mod, just so long as you dont take any of this guys stuff (code, models, etc) and follow the modding rules,



i don’t have any modding experience. the only tutorials i seem to find are to implement new objects.


I’d personally wait until ranged combat, splash damage, and (possibly) building destruction are implemented before attempting to create a fallout mod. It would certainly make things easier, unless you’re a coding guru (we have a few of them here already!) I’m assuming enough people would be interested in the mod to make it work, but it needs the basics first.

Thread revival in a few months? :laughing:


This mods needs to happen :open_mouth: and updated :open_mouth:


I would love something like this because i have always loved pixel and voxel games and if there was a game like fallout that was voxel would be pretty cool


also you should make a youtube channel to show us your progress


is there a downloadable version of this mod yet?


Sadly, there probably will never be one, at least from this mod author. He hasn’t posted on this thread in almost 4 years and hasn’t logged into the website in over three. Sorry!