Fallout Conversion

This mod implements a full conversion of the base art and settings to a Fallout-style world. The basic game play will not be altered.

The primary goal is to give the player the ability to control his or her own Fallout settlement, and direct it in as many ways as they find enjoyable.

The primary objective is to retain both the look and feel of SH as it is reflected in the blocky and cute nature of the game, as well as represent the content of Fallout.

Phase 1.A (Now & Ongoing)

  • Create model and animation assets.
  • More modders!

Phase 1.B (Beta & Ongoing)

  • Repurpose / reskin / reuse assets from vanilla game.
  • Create effects (merging models, animations, and sound effects) as game assets.
  • Create smaller packs (ex. “Fallout Weapons Pack,” or “Fallout Creatures Pack,” etc.) for use in the modding community.
  • More modders!

Phase 2 (Upon completion of Phase 1)

  • Preserve the sandbox!
  • Convert vanilla Stonehearth assets to Pack assets.
  • Preserve functionality and basic game systems (no loss or addition of features).
  • Minimal ‘storytelling,’ bare-bones Fallout cannon to create a blank slate for future modders & module-ers.
  • More modders!

Phase 3 (Upon completion of Phase 2)

  • Tell your story!
  • Create modules using Pack assets.
  • More modders!

The player will begin his or her game with a typical Fallout vault [most likely modified from future Dwarf-style mines for ease of implementation] that has just deployed a G.E.C.K. (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) in the area just outside of the vault. The player will then guide and grow his or her village, defending it from attacks and adventuring forth when able.

Do you become a:

  • Major trading hub, attracting merchants, gangs, caravans, and all the violence and vice that brings?
  • Sprawling agrarian village, focused on crops and brahmin, striving for the simple life?
  • An isolated techno-clave, developing the best technology, while abandoning your fellow man?
  • Degenerative band of raiders and slavers, stealing all but losing your humanity?
  • Scavengers paradise, scouring the wastes for reusable ruins and the talent to rebuild it?
  • Oppressive authoritarians, keeping castes and classes separate, ruling for power and profit?
  • Democratic bastion of hope, welcoming all travelers, mutants, and ghouls, in the dream of rebuilding what was lost?

Rating: Probably ESRB M, but will try to bring it down to T if possible.

This conversion has no particular lore ties to any individual Fallout game. It is set in the timeline before the events of Fallout 1 - approx. year 2130 (this is 30 years prior to Fallout I, and 60 years after the construction of vaults). [Timeline Here].

There is no geographical setting beyond ‘the wastes’ (it is not set in any particular region of America, nor are there real world landmarks). The vault also has no specific back story related to the games, although its closest example would be Vault City, which grew from vault to city.

Factions from the Fallout series should be represented, such as the Brotherhood of Steel, The Enclave, Tribals, the Master the Children of the Cathedral, and others as applicable. Given the pre-Fallout 1 timeline, you can expect these to be more early ‘generic’ versions of their later selves, not boxing the storytellers into any particular narrative.

Land generation should be altered to create a wasteland type of environment. The typical terrain will be arid and rocky, mixed with deserts, and littered with more ruins than normal. The area around the vault will be lush (as a result of the G.E.C.K.) but in general greenery will be rare.

Wildlife generation will be tuned down. Water will be more rare, especially water of usable and safe quality. Power availability will also be rare and the limiting factor in build choices. Ruins and salvageable loot will be increased. Trading will also be increased.

The player will not be in charge of an individual wanderer, beyond normal SH adventuring capacities.

Enemies will be reused as much as possible after re-skinning. Mutants replacing goblins, retaining raiders and ghouls, etc.

The UI will be reskinned to reflect both the colors and content of Fallout, yet retain the stylized blocky & simple features of SH.

This conversion should also ship with its own modules, such as:
Discovering a Deathclaw cave.
Routine visits by merchants and caravans.
Power difficulties – The nuclear reactor of the vault can break down, spurring the player to find ways to fix it and improve it.
Wanderers – Adventurers may visit your town, seeking information, aid, barter, and to perform quests for villagers.
Interacting with the major factions.
Dozens more…

This mod is currently in very limited development status. I am playing around with the ideas for now, but I reckon I’d need at least 4 other modders as a team to complete something of this size.

**Modelers [#1 need! :smile:] ** – Ability to use Qubicle Constructor to recreate weapons, armor, building materials, etc. from original screenshots.
Effects Artists – Ability to animate models (need those bloody deaths!)

Modders – Ability to insert and change scripts. Create in-game effects that use models and animations in combination with sound to produce game assets.
Module-ers – Creates adventures and scenarios with mod assets.

Writers/Editors – Proofread and contribute to story development.

If anyone is interested feel free to PM me or post here. So long as I am active on these forums you can assume I’m checking this post, even if it is like 2014 it has a layer of dust on it. Radioactive dust.

In the meanwhile I intend to work on creating modules using original Team Radiant content during beta to get a sense of the ‘big picture’ and how the modding system works in SH.


Huuuuge thank you to @voxel_pirate for the tutorials that made this possible, as well as main two character files. Also thank you to @Froggy for the files for the ghouls and skulls.

Thanks to Team Radiant too for such an awesome possibility!

(old banner image)

I made the above image in about 2 days, starting with almost no ability or hope that I could get it done. If you’re thinking modding is a fun idea, totally give it a shot. It is readily accessible with the tools and set up of Stonehearth.

For fun, here is the side-by-side of what I used as my inspiration image:


I like this idea very very very much! I’ll play it for sure, for hours.


Sounds like a lot of fun! I have played Fallout for ages and enjoyed it alot (favourite game!)
Looking forward to it, the ideas to be basically everything you encountered is awesome
Do you plan on making it able to create the environment of the village like Harolds (the talking treeman with his worshippers?


Brilliant! :smiley: So many cool possibilities!

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Will there be Aliens is the big question here

i must admit, im at a lose for words… rare indeed for me… :stuck_out_tongue:

@Roughshod, i’m extremely impressed with the level of detail and effort you have already poured into this budding idea… full props for presentation (inspiration image, section titles, etc.), and i have very high hopes for this project…

well done sir… well done! :+1:


Will we be able to make mods work for multiplayer if so this would be amazing, Ive always wanted to play co-op fallout with my friends. Well after I figure out how to use controller without opposable thumbs that is…


Having not played Fallout (a tad before my gaming years, which are like this one and no others), I’m maybe not too helpful. However, I do know kind of the gameplay and whilst I’m maybe not great for the story development, I can definitely proof-read and model for you. :smile:


Sounds good! Can’t wait to try it out after the main game comes out of course :stuck_out_tongue:

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oh good lord, now i really feel like an old curmudgeon… do yourself a favor, and head over to GoG:stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve seen it on sale for $5… its $10 now…

I am only 15 :smile: and thankyou for the link, I’ll be considering that…

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Yes, make this happen ASAP

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love this! +1! best of luck!

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@Smokestacks When did your gaming years begin?, Mine began when I was 2 or 3 I remember as if it was yesterday…My first ever game was a colouring game :smiley:

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Thanks for all the positive feedback guys :slight_smile:

@Sidewinder Harold is one of those iconic fallout characters. I guess you’re more familiar with the later Fallout 3 series if you think of Harold as a treeman :smile: To me Harold is just a rare friendly face in the wasteland. The timeline of the conversion (as planned anyway) would probably put Harold in a much more mobile state, however anything is possible! It is open to the storytellers.

@Newf Yes, totally. I’m a bit unsure how to handle the Titans in the conversion (as Fallout villages are rarely attacked by 40 foot monsters, however it is an essential part of Stonehearth). Aliens will probably be a big saving grace in this department, along with a few other baddies. I assume since the base game will allow multiplayer then the conversion should as well.

@Smokestacks Sweet! Also take Steve’s advice and go get Fallout! Its on sale on Steam too I think, totally a classic. I still play the original 2 every now and then.

How about instead of 40 ft monsters you have 40 bandits attack or something, so instead of big monsters you have big armies coming to visit

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I’m pretty sure you’re going to need to do a little modding to get this to where it should be.

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Titans are basically bosses, so just go through all the games and take the toughest, scariest enemies and the sorta-bosses that it has and then buff them to insanity. Alternatively just make up like a new type of mutant that is a giant, I’m sure you could find plenty of inspiration for giant mutants from games if you wanted. I could try and think of some specifics of you wanted or you could just extend the game so that titans are unnecessary by replacing them with something else.


Super mutant behemoths were kind of huge, they could be of use aswell
Also, Liberty Prime (the brotherhood deathbot).

Now the latter one couldn’t be directly used in the game since it hasn’t been constructed yet, but you might consider putting in some war leftover deathbot-esque stuff, it wouldn’t seem too out of place (within a good amount of time they would’ve been scavenged and there wouldn’t be any major tracks).