Stonehearth Monster Hunter Mod Concept

Edit: I’ve decided that I will update this first post with the pictures of the stuff that I create from now on, those are below.

The concept of this mod is to add many new things from the game Monster Hunter (Tri Ultimate, too be specific).

So here is a list of what kind of stuff could be implemented in this mod:

  • Creatures from the game Monster Hunter, from friendly creatures like Aptonoth to the dangerous Wyverns like the Rathalos or Lagiacrus.
  • Many new items obtained from the monsters, a single large monster has quite a few different items that can be carved from it, that can be used for new Armor, Weapons, and decorations, among other things.
  • New Weapon types, made from materials in the main game, or new ones from Monsters.
  • Armor made from the Monsters & other new materials from the Monster Hunter games.
  • MANY Events or Scenarios pertaining to Monster Hunter Quests.

Qubicle Models:








Great Jaggi






Rathalos Carves:
Rathian Carves:
Lagiacrus Carves:
Great Jaggi Carves:
Velocidrome Carves
Gendrome Carves

Let me know what you think of the concept!


One question: Will black Cats steal our stuff?

No. but uh, sentient Melynx might. :wink:

Edit: They could sneak into your village at night and take several of your items back to there hideout. Then when you find them you can destroy the outpost and reclaim your lost goods.

This is an insane model. Most likely the biggest/fanciest Stonehearth model ever made.


I agree with Dwalus…

Huh, do you think so?.. Hope it will actually work in the game! Those are a quite a lot of voxels for a model.

So I’ve been doing quite a lot of changes to the Rathian to get her male counterpart: The Rathalos!

Some of the changes included increasing the length of the Spikes on the wings, redoing the end of the tail, modification of the head, and numerous changes to the color patterns on him:

The bottom of the Torso has a dark grey pattern, and the wing pattern has been totally redone.

Lastly, a turn table shot:

I did a cube count, the entire rathalos has 58696 Voxels! Since I’m worried about game performance getting slow by incorporating such a big beasty, If I Hollow the model out, the Voxel total comes to 24506. About half.

Any thoughts? Or perhaps suggestions for the next creature to make?


Well, one of the Tricks Radiant uses is to make a very small Model for the Game, and then make it larger In-Game. This is because they didn’t want to make the Game lag like crazy and to not make it too Detailed, as that would not fit with Stonehearth’s somewhat Simplistic Voxel theme. One fine Example of this is the Titan Model, which is Huge In-Game, yet when viewed in Quibicle, it’s smaller than the Settler Model.

I suggest you do the same as they did. It will reduce Lag and will fit in more with the Theme of the Game.

Plus, it’ll reduce the Workload. :smiley:

I love it but I would want to see what effect it would have when put into the game, I am very worried about the Lag it would cause


It would seem the only thing I can do is wait until June when I can afford to get the Home Edition of Qubicle. And see what happens. It may be able to work, since only a few of these complex monster hunter creatures would be on the landscape at a time. They would be quite rare, the bigger and badder ones.

interestingly, when I started the Rathian, I began to build her foot, and it was even larger in scale than this! :open_mouth:

I feel a bit worried about making a simpler version though, as it might make these wyverns go from authentic to goofy. This is just about the perfect size to get all the detail of the monsters from the non-voxel counterparts. Again, we’ll see how it goes, but until then, I’ll probably make a simpler monster, like a Great Jaggi that would only have several thousand voxels instead of the 25+ thousand.

One thing I know for sure, I need to be careful when I’m making an something like a Jhen Mohran! To not over complicate it (So that it doesn’t have 100,000 voxels or something ridiculous).

So I’ve been doing some more work on the Rathalos Hunter armor, and this is what was created, some of it is original, but I mostly tried to base it off of the Monster Hunter Tri variant.

After that, I put together a Great Jaggi, it may not look very impressive. But its rather difficult to make the Great Jaggi look good.

Any thoughts or suggestions for these models? Hopefully I can make the Great Jaggi’s cousin’s the Baggi & Wroggi look a bit better. Since they don’t use such strange color schemes.


The Great Jaggi looks quite nice and so does the armour but the armour definitely needs some work.

Would you mind elaborating on this? Any specific areas you think need changed?

You need to remember that Stonehearth is very cartoony and you can get away with armour much larger than it should be.

I would try to make it less like the game and more of your own design.

That’s true, but I wanted to make sure that it fit well with the Villagers physique. I agree though, certain areas need some work, the boots and the waist could use some change.

Here is a subspecies of the Great Jaggi, the Great Baggi

I realized as I was making this Great Baggi, that the head was a bit too small. So I made it a bit larger than what the Jaggi’s head currently is. I plan to resize his accordingly.

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Please make him carry a bag around. You can’t be called baggi and not have a bag

Still, try to make it look a little more Cartoonish to fit in Stonehearth’s Theme.

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The only problem is that I’m not so sure I could pull off a “Childish” looking Rathalos.

Or Zinogre, or Lagiacrus, The Qurupeco maybe, since it doesn’t really look scary.

Besides, I would have allot more trouble doing simple than doing it complicated to look like the game references.

Well, anyways, how much Voxels do the Models use? You don’t want the game to lag like crazy.