The Musketeers of Stonehearth

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"This is a personal concept art I created for a mod about Musketeers in Stonehearth. It includes models for an equipment tech tree that is currently incomplete and monster models. In my vision, I hope to create an entire dedicated profession work page with related technologies, as well as corresponding models for characters, missions, and monsters to be used in the storyline. However, the issue I am currently facing is that I am not familiar with the modding process of Stonehearth and its programming content. If you come across this work and are interested in the mod idea I proposed, and have programming skills, please contact me for discussion. Let's collaborate to complete this mod. My email is"

“This is a set of incomplete models I created in my spare time. One issue I encountered is that I don’t know the specific size requirements for armor, helmets, and weapons placed on the ground to be picked up by characters in the game. I couldn’t find any information about this aspect in the game files. Additionally, I’m unsure whether these models should be grouped together or organized into different project files for the game program to recognize them as usable. This is my first time creating a game mod, and I need someone experienced to help me out.”

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“Okay, my friend recommended this website to me, but I haven’t had a chance to look into it in detail yet.”

These models are quite nice, good work.

I hope you don’t give up on your modding quest, and best of luck with it!

The link @paulthegreat provided is very good, but another great source of learning is to grab other mods (or the base game itself) and just start looking around, checking things and how they are made, etc. Simple mods that add just a few things are great for this because then there’s not a lot of files to confuse you.

As for the specific issues you mentioned, you can load up the “iconic” models of in-game armors and such to see their sizes and use them as references. As a rule of thumb, “iconic” models are no more than 10x10x10

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Thank you for the encouragement and well wishes! Your advice about exploring other mods or the base game itself is invaluable. Starting with simple mods to avoid confusion makes a lot of sense. Using the “iconic” in-game armor models as references for size is a great idea, especially given your suggestion about their typical dimensions. Thanks for the specific guidance!

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