Yangzhoui's Cozy Model Shed

Hello and welcome to my humble shed!

I work on making mods with my partner in crime @Johby.

Since i make the models i tought it would be nice to have a sperate models topic to keep the mod page a bit more clean.
So here we are in my cozy model shed. I will post most of my progress and models and would love to hear you guys feedback on it :smiley:

Here some of the things i made as well as what i am working on right now:

And my newest model:


Alright so I have been looking into the armoury mod and concluded that may of the models dont fit the stoneharth style just right. Even so it is the most downloaded mod xD. I am working on fixing the models as well as making some new models for the armoury since it seems like there is actually quite some demand for that. Despite the fact i never hear anyone about it and it only includes a few items it still gets the most downloads.

Alright back to the point i would like to hear your opinion.

So first up the master sowrd and shield. I already tweaked the sword a bit (the right sword is the new model) but i am not satisfied yet. The sword is close to be good but the shield is actually way to big compared to any other shield in the game. So i was thinking about making a complete new model in the same size as the other shields shown. Those are officail shields of stonehearth.

Second up are the gladiator armour. They where modeld after the old models back in the day so need tweaking to fit the new models. Also does anyone know if i can make the skin parts show the right skin colour of the hearthling?

I revamped the bow of ashe from league to fit the style better. I still playing around with the colours but i like the new model (the right one).

The Gravis sword and de-malevo lance I only changed the colours a bit. The models itself do fit stonehearth in my opinion.

The Longbow was made way later then any of the other models and had the recurved bow as refference so no need to change that.

Aside from remodeling the old ones i have been experimenting with some low and mid lvl weapons.

See here a Sledgehammer, Steel axe and a Baseball bat. i am thinking about making a spiked baseball bat as well :smiley:

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For the shield, you can simple scale it so visually it is the same size as other shields, although it will have a “higher resolution” with more voxels.

The outfit with skin, just remove the skin from the model. Check any other outfit in the game to see how it is done in the json.