Model and Mod Pack v1.5!

Model and Mod Pack V 1.5

So the model pack 1.5 has out with a nice changes and some bugs fixed,Don’t Forget about Mods!! Finally i make the mods for all swords less the Wooden Upgraded Sword and the W.i.P models,But lets go see the changes!

With the changes

  • Fixed Angelic Sword Back-Handed Weapon
  • Added 5 More Models with some References :smiley:
  • Mods

Other Changes

  • Changed The name of Weapons and Files in Models

That is the changes for now,in 2.0 go be the Most Patch i ever made (maybe)

As i said The Models and Mods Files are in .Winrar and .Zip


Ok,That is the First Version of Mods i ever made in Stonehearth,So please if have any bugs or something wrong tell me to i fix more fast as possible.

Same Thing go to Mods they go be posted in .Zip and .Winrar

How to install

Just Extract in your Stonehearth/mods Folder


The newest Models are go come in mods on the patch 2.0!

To do in 2.0

  • Models For Hearthlings - 0%

  • Amour - 20%

  • Decorations - 0%

  • More Ten Models - 60% - Thx 8Bitcrab xD

  • Animations For all my moded Swords - 0% (Maybe)

To do in 2.5

  • Generated Ores for Mod

  • New Enemies (Easter egg in weapons of the mod)

  • New Encounters

Doing now

  • Nothing,Yet


Just go to my old Topics

Important Please Read!

So Guys As you can see Around the Topic,The doing what i am '‘working’ its Nothing Because I have a Test,Because This i not gonna work in the mods or models in some time,but when the test ends i go Back to normal Thing,Doing Models

So After This,If you read i don’t gonna enter in forum for a like 10 days i think,so that is my last post for now
Bye guys love u all :smiley:


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