Models For a Texture Pack Or Model Pack!

Hi guys. i’m here to Challenge you guys Who made the Most Epic Sword For Heathlings.
And you ask me
i Ask you because i want to do a texture or model pack for make easy life of modders
I know all the people like to do their ways but,Why not? i already have some models here with me
Some Models not all

i need 10 more to make at least 20 models.

So,Who are The best here =D

(I used MagicaVoxel)

All the models i go take go be part of the ModelPack :smiley:

Post Your Models Below
EDIT:Hi again!! i’m here For some News :smiley: when i get done i go do mods of the sword at least i go try,and In the future it go be New Thing Stonehearth don’t have yet and Armours!


I wished I had the skills to do that, I always try and I end up with the same pale boring mace or sword which has no life.
Please don’t stop only at 2!

You would make the most epic weapons MOD ever if that’s in game applicable.

How did you do that sword?

Its pretty easy. but you need MagicaVoxel to that first render you sword or thing and go shapes there you go find ‘‘mc’’ just click there and bam new shapes :smiley:

the original of the sword is that


Dude,It’s Fine You can Post them here if you want will go help me a lot
if is strange it’s fine some magic go take the weapon better

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i might just have to enter this… :smirk:

Challenge Accepted? :smiley:

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I see. How do you then get it from magic voxel into the game? Just save it as an obj?

i am saying for screen you know? not the actual model in game


i dont think thats possible, as that “look” is only available in the render, not the editing.

could be wrong though.

The rendered sword looks really cool. Even the non rendered sword look neat. I really should practice creating nice looking objects, I’m pretty terrible at it.


I used to have it bookmarked, I’m not sure if I still do, but way back when in the Kickstarter there was someone who made a ton of kickass weaponry, including a Chainsword from 40K, as well as Kirito and Asuna’s swords from SAO along with a handful of other items. Can’t for the life of me recall who it was though…

Found it: Yangzhoui's Replica's


here is a quick pike model i made, i probably will make lots more changes, but this is V1

rendered in voxels,

rendered in Marching Cubes

i really love the look of the MC render :relieved: but sadly thos cant be used in-game :disappointed_relieved:


Wow… Awesome! Yeah, sadly they can’t be used in game but hey! The un rendered model actually looks pretty nice :smile:


sadly they can’t be used in game
Why not?
Oh ok i understand now sooh i made an awesome polearm today

and its gonna be in the pack i’m almost finished


putting my meager pike to shame :wink: very nice job!

Can you give me the .qb file? to put on the pack that axe is great

can do! though it will be a bit later, as i dont have the time right now, and i’m also going to be changing it a bit.

okay, so currently i’m working on some more models, pictured below is the “brutish axe”


That’s EPIC!Better than Mine O.o

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