EpicDwarf's Epic Voxel Creations!


Hello there! I created this topic so I can share my creations I’ve made in Quibicle. Well, anyway, here we go! :smile:

Have any feedback? Have any questions? Post in the comments section below. Thank you for your time and have a nice day!! :smiley_cat:

                                  - EpicDwarf 

EpicDwarf's Quibicle Creations

Here is my first creation, a majestic sword of epicness!


Something about this sword says epicness. I don’t know why…


Here is my second creation, a nice looking shield.


Looks good, however personally I’d made the end of the sword somewhat more ‘sharp’ instead of just adding 1 voxel to it.

Keep up the work :slight_smile:


I will post more creations sometime later.


Nice, but the shield is just a bit too 'white.'
Try using a very faint blue tint, maybe?


I’ve edited it!!! :smiley:

Well, here it is…


you get extra points for giving the sword an epic title… :tongue:

I agree it should be a bit sharper… but i like the shield though! both the arm brace and handgrip… well done!


Well, I’m editing the sword right now…


I edited the sword and made it better!


I’m planning on using my models in a mod I’m planning.


I’ve just finished an awesome magical staff of brilliance!


I hate having to do this, but…



Alright, here we go again…



I will post more creations other than weaponry sometime later.


Here is a bow and arrow I’ve just finished.


The sword is not bad. More colorful than what we have seen so far from the devs and seems to have the right size. However, the shield might need a bit work. The size might be ok, but somehow the pattern looks… flat, or so. Just a bit boring if you ask me.



I’ll try to fix it.


I’ve fixed the sword.