Voxel Creations, Opinions Needed

So here are a few of my voxel creations. Just been playing around. going to start ramping up designs. Needing Opinions.



And here I am, recoloring some trees, and thinking it is difficult…

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what voxel program are you using

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To mess with the colors I use magicavoxel as that has better colors, for other things I use the voxelshop (but it has terrible light and colors, when you check in game it looks different lol)

I was just exaggerating about recoloring :smile: (Although it is what I’m doing right now)

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i just can say … wtf!

how long have yoe need for this? and why there isnt there a mod with this? xD

if you want lomh and lomc could need some items xD new hairstyles or some very shiny juwellery :smiley:

what is LOMH and LOMC???

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I’m more or less testing voxel design and then moving to multi piece Character and Mob design and animation

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beautiful work @JackWESTCustoms! not only are the creations themselves breathtaking, but the way you do the renders adds yet another layer of awesomeness to these. :astonished:

can’t wait to see what else you make :smile: :thumbsup:


@8BitCrab all pics will be posted on this thread

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Newest Helm



thats LomH and LomC xD Its a companionmod from different autors xD

LomH and LomH-NC gives different hairstyles and haircolors and LomC gives different Clothings also some nice Juwellery xD

Awesome! This need a mod ! :fearful:

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@Killex id love to use these in a mod


Remember the Roman mod discussion, this dude has no issue with modelling Bruno :stuck_out_tongue:

Hot damn mate these are crazy good ! Keep up the good work !

@MaddyGrand I’m modelling after Hordes/Warmachine Models. And thank you.

We had a small discussion about modelling being a pain in the ass :stuck_out_tongue: I said someone like yourself would make it look easy and you sure did XD

if you want i can make the mod for you? or perhaps someone wants to add it to his mod -

for example [Mod] (A21) 8BitCrab's Rune Mod: V2.6 the green runes would be perfect with your weapons?

@Wiese2007 well the goal is about 18 suits of armor Light/Medium/Heavy x 6 different factions. 4-6 weapons per faction and a few monsters/creatures thrown in for good measure.

these models shown are the only voxels ive ever made only been messing with this stuff for about 2 weeks

I do a suit of armor in about 3 hours and a weapon in about 1 so if I keep steady I’m looking at about 2 weeks worth of work before I get into monsters and skeleton animations