Aetwit's Voxel Creations

I decided to try my hand at Qubicle and made some weapons and a cloak.

so what do you guys think of them.

so I have done some more work well the last week of work because I couldn’t motivate my self to keep making it but here is my latest project and why I changed the title of the thread.


Those look really cool!

thx spent the last few days making them was thinking about trying to mod them in.

Welcome to the Discourse @Aetwit, those look great! What are the red and white similar looking models in the middle, a cape with hood?

If you are looking for some resources on adding them to the game, the Stonehearth Startermod (Basic) and the Stonehearth Startermod (Items) might be of use.

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yes there both capes with hood i just decided to do 2 colors because white dosent work with hoods.
thx for the sites they should help a lot.