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Hey guys,

maybe some of you remeber me (maybe @SteveAdamo who convined me back in '13 to post my Qubicle stuff here :smiley: )

After a long absence of voxels in my life I thought it was about time to come back and post here :slight_smile:

And here a little preview of a mod i am planning in honor of the 15 year anniversary of one of my favourite RPGs Gothic 1.


welcome back @Orkze, though i wasnt around when you first posted your stuff, i definitely look forward to seeing your return :smile:


Thanks @8BitCrab, hopefully I can start with the mod soon, and hopefully the .qb and .obj export stuff wont be that expensive on Qubicle’s Steam version (being a student sucks xD)


Welcome back! I’m looking forward to see whatever you create! These are amazing so far! :grin:

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Thanks Candy, beside the last one it’s all stuff i did back in '13, and i just saw that the base model i created back then isn’t matching the actual model they use now … so back to the beginning xD


So here is the “new” version of the Gothic 1 shadow’s armor, which fits the actual ingame models of the hearthlings.

I am not quiet happy with how the pants have turned out, maybe i will edit them later …

Hopefully I will have more time next week to make some more creations and show them to you awesome people :slight_smile:


Hey people, thanks to @8BitCrab i found some new inspiration :smiley:

Here is a new headgear I made, maybe for a shamn class?


hey there @Orkzewelcome back! glad to see you’re still cranking away with Qubicle! :smile: :thumbsup:


oh teh headgear is adorable!

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I will release my creations in a small mod when I get a full version of Qubicle Constructor :slight_smile: Stay tuned :wink:

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