Silas Tries Qubicle

Hey, so I thought I’d try my hand at some Qubicle stuff, and what better way to start than some simple color and base mesh changes.

So without much hassle, here’s what I whipped up in my 30 minutes of bumbling around on Qubicle (Free Version)

The starts of a few monk variations… The bald guy seems to be decent looking, but i’m not sure on the hooded one, ran out of room above him to really point the hood, and it looks a little like a snow jacket…

I think i’ll try some more… brown robed monks next, see how that looks.

So, comments, critique, etc are welcome.


That looks quite good for 30 minutes of messing about. I’ve just started messing with Qubicle tonight and it has taken a much longer period of time to really understand anything. This looks like something which is part of the game.

Have you consider a robe which would hide the feet? Just something I typically picture when I think monk.

I have actually! I started with this look frankly because i knew it would be easier.

I might steal how @Teleros did his Death model and try to adopt it in the style of Orthodox Christian robes. Maybe two variations, one with a hood up, one with it down… but i think bald is the way to go.

Edit: Also, Thanks!

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You can change the matrix size to make the head matrix a little taller. It shouldn’t effect the model in game if the matrix height is a little different.

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