First creation using Qubicle (fox)

So I figured I’d take a stab at this Qubicle thing. It started out as something entirely different and ended up as a fox… :expressionless:

Nothing to impressive I know but I just wanted to share.


Ops - just saw the Qubicle creations thread… -.-

for a first attempt, that is really quite good! of course, those beady red eyes are giving me the creeps though… :smiley:

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Yer the eyes are terrifying!

If you were looking for some feedback, I’d say perhaps use a more reddy brown for the fur and then see what it looks like!

Not used to a supportive forum… this is… odd. Thats my way of saying thanks guys. I’m going to start tinkerin’ around a bit more with the program - I think people are currently out of my reach but I’ll just start small.

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What kind of forums are you used to then? ^^ I think it looks great but I do agree with the two above me. Keep tinkering, and you’ll get better! :smiley: ( I have to start tinkering as well! )

If it’s anything like the forums I’ve been on - not naming any names project zomboid then things can get nasty really quick.

I tend to just lurk around other forums as it’s too much effort to actually get involved and face a torrent of abuse! So far everyone here seems nice!

its just a ruse… we’re luring you into a false sense of security before we unleash the :japanese_ogre:

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Better saddle up my :panda_face: and get out of here!

If you take a look at some of the recorded streams you should be able to get a pretty good handle on the way Radiant models the villagers and extrapolate from there. Nice work on the fox!


We could keep the beedy red eyes for mobs that are tamed by the goblin tribe(s), but please change them to black for a neutral fox :stuck_out_tongue:

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Better yet, grab a :sweet_potato: and feed it to your :hamster:, then jump on your :airplane: and eat :honey_pot:. Wait until your :hamster: transforms into a :boar:, then parachute down to land. Ride your :boar: off into the :sunrise:.

Looking better already :stuck_out_tongue:

@FinKone looking better, I’d perhaps get rid of those greeny brown tints and replace them with an orangey brown? and then see where you’re at, also perhaps his tail should have a white tip? Just my thoughts!

And @Gamer36 that doesn’t help me at all! I wanna ride away on my panda!

agreed with @Geoffers747 … it looks much better! my only “advice” is what we heard during the dragon whelp livestream… and that is to avoid the “stair-step” designs in your models (if possible)…

nice job for your first creation i look forward to seeing more from you :smile:

Ok guys I need your help with a real good time saver. I tried to look it up on my own but cannot find it due to incorrect terminology I’m guess on my part. I’m starting to work on one side only, so I can “mirror” it and copy it to the other side… I can’t find the short cuts, tried playing with mirror to no luck… anyone got some fast pro tips for me?

im not sure how helpful these will prove, but perhaps they’ll lead you in the right direction?

The red eyes don’t fit.