My First Qubicle Model!

After sitting at the computer bored, I decided to download the demo of Qubicle 2! I watched a few videos, and after a little thinking on what to model, I thought “If @Tom made zombies yesterday, then I should make one too!” So I got to work, and after a while, I present to you… my first qubicle model!

Team Radiant can use this as one of the games zombie models :wink:
It’s not the best, but everyone has to start some where, am I right?


Its great to see you joining the modelling community @Zilla i’m really excited to see what you can come up with.

Never a truer word has been spoken.

Can any of our genius modelers give some advice to the “new blood?”


Someone called me ;). Advice for qubicle… ummmm… uhhhh. Well I would take a basic 2D pixel are and do you best to make it 3D. A pokemon, Fire Emblem person, Megaman, Mario, Megaman (I really like Megaman). That’s what taught me how to get forms, then I’d just keep going. Start simple (Which you are doing, great start btws) and make your way up. Eventually you’ll be taking discourse by storm, but every storm starts with condensation… that mediphore wasn’t going anywhere. (Science stuff.)

But Simple, basic models with a good color palette are good places to start. Of course it goes without saying, Youtube and Google my fine… slimey? friend. Tutorial videos will help if you let them.

Goes without saying if you ever want any advice or opinions you can post them here or PM someone. A lot of the modelers I sit among now helped me along and I’m sure they would be willing to do the same for you… right guys?


Now, I can’t claim to be an expert modeler, but I do believe I’ve picked up some from my not really mentor and first critic. [Paging @chimeforest]

First off, you’ve managed to avoid the trap most newbies, including myself, fell into. You haven’t added too high of a resolution, and you haven’t over-rounded. In fact, I think you could even go a bit further! So that you can get the size right, I suggest checking out the standard worker templates over here. Once you make your models a bit more to scale, rounding the corners by 1-3 voxels, as is Stonehearth’s general style, should feel more natural.

Your colors do have a bit too much contrast. That blue is fairly good, but I’d recommend toning down the greens and the red. The shoes work well too; try to bring the pants color down a bit to match.

Also, I’d recommend using more than one shade of blue for the shirt. Convey as much detail as you can using colors instead of voxels. You’ll find out where this line is when you go along.

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What do you think?


I present to you… Zombie 2.0!


Wow @Zilla I can already see improvement :smiley: Keep at it.


@Pandemic and @coasterspaul Both made and lot of good suggestions, and your 2.0 version looks a lot better :smile: you are making progress!


I made my first beetle today I would share it but “new users can’t upload images.” :frowning:

I made one size and then copied it. Then I had three boxes, I have no idea how to combine boxes yet.

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you need to use the combine button at the top of the window next to the duplicate key. It’ll comine 2 matrixs together but it will only work with 2 selected