2-Zons Qubicle thread

Hey guys, here is my first attempt at a Qubicle creation. I thought I’d start with something appropriate for me.

I’ve got some more ideas that might help the game. I was kind of hesitant to post anything as the work I’ve seen here has been pretty amazing. I’d also like to try my hand at animating. I’ve been hoping someone would do a post a thread on how to do it in Blender.

Edit: Resized the source pic (it was huge)


the head is perfect! but i think that the body is a bit too thin, maybe another layer of voxels around it?

It looks nice! I was hesitant at first, too. But if you don’t get good critique, its hard to improve.

But I agree with Jonyon, the torso should be slightly thicker.

Awesome voxeling for a first attempt; I think you nailed pretty much everything (Well as @jonyon54 and @RoseyNineOneOne torso could be a little thicker) the leg armor looks slightly flat but I’m not sure if that wouldn’t be better fixed within Blender to avoid the Qbert stairs Qubicle will give if you try and angle them inside it.

@voxel_pirate Is working on an animation tutorial (with Blender) that can be found here http://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/guide-from-a-picture-to-an-animation/
Unfortunately so far he has all the parts of it done except the animating lol.

I just recently took a swing at animating and some initial help I can give is to slice everything you want to animate on it into separate matrixes; then export as one object per matrix. Once you get it in Blender if you reassign the (Edit)So it sure was Pivot Points that I found in Blender for each piece to connect with each other at the places you think “joints” would be like the knee and stuff you can do some simple animations with just keyframes and rotating and moving the pieces.


I’m pretty sure @voxel_pirate is working on an animation tutorial for blender. I have to second though that the body is too small, makes me think of a ballerina wearing a giant tutu and it’s accentuated by the lack of arms and legs as they help counteract it with a more stick figure look. That and the skirt seems massive, maybe make less segments with clearer boundaries? Not quite sure.

The only downside to clearer boundaries would be, as @GrimMethod pointed out, the dreaded “Q*bert” effect, which could be addressed in animation. Though I third (or fourth) that the body is probably too thin, but I don’t see why @2_Zons was afraid of posting this, its great for first attempt!

Yeah, I watched @Tom’s live stream on animation. I’ve got the concepts down for how to break down my model, I actually built in in pieces from the start. I find it easier to edit in small chunks than trying to to it as one big model. I’ve seen @voxel_pirate’s videos. He’s who I’ve been waiting for the Blender part on. I haven’t used 3D modelling software since my Amiga 3000 over 20 years ago.

Thanks for the comments guys, I’ll try him with another layer see how he looks. I was trying to keep him more cartoony there are allot of different versions of him if you do a google image search.

Like this one here he looks allot skinnier.

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I tried it, and you guys are right.

edit: I just regenerated the gif and it works in chrome now.


this game already has a cartoony look (the head is huge, the hands are floating around), so i dont see any problem keeping him in the normal proportions…

…and while i’m wirting you post an update, its looks much better!..

… and now, from some reason, i cant see it anymore…

I’m having the same problem. Are you using Chrome? I tried it in IE I can see it. But I hate using IE.

I’ve also noticed several other animated gifs that I couldn’t see. I always thought it was a problem with the image. Did a search looks like alot of people having problems with chrome and animated gif’s, but no solutions.

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yes, im using Chrome… maybe you can try to reupload it

Chrome as well. Not sure if you did anything to the image, as I can see it, but I have had that issue with other images in the past.

I used my normal strategy when they don’t work to just download and that worked. I reckon the body looks almost too blocky, I’d suggest something to break it up like shading or whatever. The problem is that he’s not meant to have humanoid proportions in the first place, he’s head is meant to be a primary focus along with the feet, hands, and skirt-y thing but when you apply even stonehearth proportions to them it gives the non critical stuff a bigger focus, unfortunately it’s kinda hard to explain exactly what I mean.

As sad as it is I use IE all the time now (it’s easier to use on Windows 8 and takes advantage of touch controls) I’ve actually wondered why I kept seeing people saying they have problems seeing gifs; at least IE can do something right haha.

This probably won’t help much but this knowledge got me on my way to animating in Blender.

Don’t mind the edit mode menu on the left; the object mode one has a button for Insert Keyframe but that is also Shortcut key I and shortcut key is much easier lol.

i understand what you are saing, the voxels size can be very limiting in such small creations, every row counts.
@2_Zons maybe you can save the original design but reduce the size of the skirt?
also, the hands starts at the same line as the neck, what gives me the feeling that he hase no shoulders, so maybe you can make the neck start from higher point (add another layer of voxels around the current neck so it will be the same as the rast of the body, and simplly paint one row of the low part of the head to red)? or maybe take the height of the hands a bit down? or maybe both?

excellent work @2_Zons … i cant imagine why you were apprehensive, as this is really well done! v2 is a nice improvement over the original as well… nice work!

@2_Zons absolutely outstanding work, I envy your talent!

Well I looked at the second and first version and you might try to not add 1 voxel more to all sides but only on the left and right, making him broader.
The first try is a 5x5 voxels sized version and the second is 6x6 voxels if I am not mistaken.
So maybe try 6 width and 5 depth… could maybe look even better ^^

It’s pretty good but then I would say that wouldn’t I?

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. The criticism helped me fine tune him a bit.

Here’s V 3.0. Now I gotta work on my Wombat. Man I can’t believe Wombat got the most votes. Well at least it isn’t Goggles.


@2_Zons You said it sir!!! Thank god it isnt goggles!!!

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