To the developers: Qubicle Template?

Do you think it might be possible to supply us with maybe just one villager, weapon, armor piece etc for Qubicle so that we might be able to start creating our own creations ASAP? C:


I agree it would be nice to have something to base models from so that i can create my own to a similar size and thus prevent anything overly bulky or ugly from being added Perhaps a large, medium and small animal set for templates as well would be handy.

It would be lovely just to get my hands on one or two things, purely for size. Maybe the devs might like whatever we make and toss it in themselves.

Just look at the existing models on the website here and count the squares.

That would be a lot harder than you think

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The squares can be sized, hence the giant tentacle monster being made of giant blocks and the squirrel being made of tiny blocks :open_mouth:

Actually, you can only choose how many cubes/voxels you want to allow per Matrix (which is voxel-wise a chunk). In the end, the model will be scaled inside the game engine to be as big/small as it should be.
How many voxels you require to create your model depends on how detailed you want your model to be.

If you look at the huge monster, it’s not very detailed. That’s because a model of this size, with considerable number of voxels would result in too many triangles and too much performance loss.

But if you’d like to model a person for the game, it probably would be useful to use the same Matrix dimensions (# of voxels), so all persons are detailed in a similar degree.

Thanks for correcting me, I should have came back and editted my post or something after I learned that wasn’t the case :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s very helpful making swords, the template I use is somewhere between 15 and 25 width, 10-15 height, and 10-15 depth for swords, made a replica of the one featured on the kickstarter page earlier (don’t know if it’s still there), but I have to say Qubicle is pretty easy to use. I like it. :smiley:

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Qubicle as well. It is a pretty easy modeler to use.

I think a character template would be very helpful for those of us looking to create assets for the game.


Yeah I sent a PM to Ponder a few days ago, still no reply. :C

I agree that it would be nice to have a model to go by, even if it’s just to drool at it.

I too would love a template, or even just the dimensions.
I want to make myself :3

From another topic ;

I’ll talk it over with the team to figure out the best timing for something like this. We don’t want to release anything that we know will be changing before release, which might invalidate a bunch of the communities work. For example, if we changed the offset of the arms a bit after we released the temp,ate to you guys, all your mods might have people who flail them around wildly want they ran. Not a good look…

This is also something we might want to try out with the beta backers before making them generally available. Thanks!

Yeah i also think it totally make sense not to release definitive templates as a lot of stuff can change until the release. Nevertheless the community (me too! :wink: is totally crazy about start working on new designs & content for this awesome game! I guess even we had to change & remodeling our designs for a final release we won’t complain!

The first thing that i did i noticed after start working with Qubicle Constructor was that it need to be in scale with the existing stuff. So to be honest i did see only one solution and just re-builded me a basic settler/soldier from a screenshot yesterday. I’d like to share it with you but can’t yet as i’m a “new user” and i’m not allowed to share pictures. :-/

I would be happy to make my Qubicle file downloadable for the community as reference, but i totally can understand that this can’t supported from the official dev side right now… and the last thing i want to do is to breach copyrights!! So i’m not sure how to proceed with this…? any ideas?

Actually “in scale with existing stuff” is not all that important. As you’ve seen on the screenshots and in the movies, there is content in all possible scales.
For example look at the baby mammoth. Compare the size of it’s voxel with size of a person’s voxels or even the titan.
How you model it is one thing, how you define it’s scale in-game is then another.

You could for example (highly theoretically) model something with 50x50x50 voxels and in-game scale it to be a little bug.
However, since the number of visible voxels directly affects the game performance, this would be really bad.

So in other words…if you use more or less a similar detail-degree as the visible in the content on the screenshots and movies, you in the end will be able to define it’s scale factor to make it match the existing in-game content.

Good point, totally agree with you that the content could be scaled down or up in the game engine later on. So i guess i did mean more the visual approach of having models with similar degree of details (voxels) like u mentioned. For me it’s still a huge help to have a basic template like the settler that i can directly arrange besides my creations and see if something looks nice or totally odd and won’t fit into the pre-defined game style.

Very true! And in the end it would also allow us to create new armor and equipment that will fit well.

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