All Your Templates Go Here

This is where we can post our templates. For characters, animals and objects. This should make it easy for us to search for templates and show them off. We can learn a lot from each other and make this a really great and fun game.


Here is my template for a Necromancer, I call Deathmancer -> Download.

Tell me what you think.

Is this actually to scale of the official settlers?

Really looking for a .qmo template for them.

Also, maybe try Bay Files for uploading, super easy and no ads and stuff, just a suggestion. At least I don’t think there are ads?

Good work though.

@Chaze007 's accurate copy of the current template, found at Qubicle Creations

It is, however, FAR too early to have “templates” as the principal design is still subject to change. It is better to wait until beta release to really commit.

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Not committing, just wanted the most “official” template to base designs off of. Just seems easier to me? I’m weird.

Thank you though @Spiku!

I will use Bay Files or Drop box from now on.

That’s the same template I used to make my Deathmancer.I know it maybe to early for some I think it’s a good idea for new comers to try this out now before the beta come out.