Will Radiant Entertainment release any templates?


Will Radiant Entertainment release any templates of the animals or people from the game for us to mod before the beta is out?



From what I understand, as of right now the devs don’t want to release models as they might make changes to them since the game is just in it’s beginning stages. However once they finally have a good idea that the models they are using are final I’m sure they will most likely release a few models for use to use.


That makes sense, but like many others here. I would like to get head start on improving my creations. Right now, only a few of us are really skilled Modders. I want to be the best of the best like Pepe. But it’s going to take some time. The sooner we have it the better. But I guess we will have to wait till the beta is out.



As some others, you can clone one or the other figure from the pictures / streams and start working on it. However, as Avairian mentioned, they can change. So if you do so, do not expect that you can simply use them later on.


I will try but if anyone else as some suggestions. I want to hear them.


If you feel more comfortable to start off with something someone else did, take a look into this thread… All Your Templates Go Here

You will find two or three qmo-Files there to download.

Personally, I think you learn more if you do it by yourself. As you have mentioned, most of us are not that skilled yet. Copy and Paste does not help too much to improve this skills.


I know, I made that thread. I just want to get better. That’s all.


Ups… my fault. I didn’t recognize, sorry for that :-/.

Maybe if you explain a bit more what you are looking for, to become better, one or the other might be able to help. Just having the templates will allow you to start working on altering colors, etc. But if this really improves someones skills, I do not know.

What could help all of us for sure, are some tutorials and maybe guides / streams on how people work with Qubicle. Maybe some Tips and Tricks (that was my idea with this thread). Also “simple” things like an overview of the Hotkeys (which you can find here) can improve the way someone works with Qubicle.