A quick question about Qubicle

Are we still getting that free update to Qubicle 2 with the Stonehearth ver.?

I’m still a bit reticent about buying it or not. I love how Qubicle 2 work, but I wouldn’t mind to go back to 1.6 because I can’t spend that much on it (only if the Basic edition is released).

If the answer is yes I might go and buy the 1.6 right now.

Welcome to the forum, @Coldnight :smile:!

I think it’s better that you send an email to support@middesk.com

Unless @sdee or someone on Team Radiant knows the answer, but I think they won’t know…

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thats kinda what my thinking was…

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Thanks for the warm welcoming!

I guess I asked here because I saw some of the developers active around and because it was somewhat related to our game :stuck_out_tongue:

BUT! I will send an e-mail for sure. I think there are more like me, so I might post the answer here!

Again, thanks for the responses!


i for one, would love to know! as i havent bought any version yet. (still using the trial version…)

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Maybe @Tim will stop by and comment…

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