Upgrade to Qubicle Constructor 2.5 useful?

Hi short question:
Is it useful to get the new version of Qubicle Constructor?

I have version 1.6 Home Edition and I ask myself if it is worth it to upgrade to the next version.
So are here some people who can tell me if the new version have good improvements in terms of usability etc.

Maybe there was a thread like this and I missed it, if so just link me to the thread :wink:

i don’t have Qubicle,so i can’t answer you… but i’m pretty sure that @Pandemic upgraded to Qubcile 2 recently, so maybe he can be of help.

I havent upgraded yet. But I have messed around with the trial version and I loved it. I fully plan on upgrading to Q2.5 ASAP. It’s much smoother and simpler to work in the Q1 once you get used to it :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks, for the help I think tomorrow or next week I will upgrade :wink:

Anytime :stuck_out_tongue: Glad I could help

I have Qubicle 2 home it and there seems to be problems with viewing models from Stonehearth in it. The models seem to wrap around if that makes sense. There’s a slice 2 pixels deep that is moved from the front to the back(when viewing from the standard isometric view). I don’t know how to correct for it. Maybe I have to import from 1.0 or something. Haven’t looked that deeply.

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2.0 or higher? I can only upgrade to the newest 2.6.

I’m not a huge fan of 2.0, 1.0+ works greater I think.

I have Qubicle 2.0.11. I haven’t upgraded it to the latest version.

When I got it I don’t think 1.0 was available.

I too have 2.0 and it works fine with stonehearth. I used 1.0 before this and I can say that 2.0 is actually a lot better.

Then is it just an import problem I’m having with the voxel shift?

Ok cool thanks :grin:

Hard to say. You should probably check with Tim over at the Minddesk forums. You can submit a bug report there and hopefully get a quick answer.

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