Download Qubicle Constructor Basic Edition?

Does anyone know if the Basic version of Qubicle Constructor is still available for download? Can’t find my home edition CD atm and was just going to download the free version in the mean time. Can’t seem to find a page on to download it though…



Unfortunately, it seems I had the same problem with my own copy of Stonehearth Edition once I reinstalled my desktop due to an overwhelming amount of crap on it (but I digress…) There doesn’t seem to be a link to the bsic Edition of Qubicle on the site. You could probably email Tim about it if worst comes to worst. I was happy to upgrade to Qubicle 2 Home since I hadn’t supported Minddesk substantially yet, but its understandable if you don’t want to pay even more money, haha. It’s a bit frustrating but it can be resolved easily I think. Hope it all works out!

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Hahahah i was fearing such. :frowning: If i look a little harder I’m sure I can find my CD, so I’ll hold off on contacting the support team. Just wanted to quickly use the free version so I can finish up my update for @Pandemic’s Furniture Expansion Plus mod :wink:


Ah, I see. Hope you can find your CD then! If not, who knows? You might get a shiny new copy of Qubicle 2 or something haha.

When you go to the buy page for Qubicle 2, you can scroll down to the bottom and it’ll have some helpful stuff down there. It’s how I got 1.6 Stonehearth Edition.