Looking for Help

Is there someone with the ability to take my file and export it into a .OBJ file for me? I am ready to add some animations but lack that middle step of turning it into a .OBJ with my Qubicle Construction.

Also a side question to Tom, in case he sees this, how do you animate hands? Do they have a set length from shoulders or move to fit the action they are doing?

Bumping for great justice! If someone out there is able to please do send me a message. I did have plans to buy the master edition but with current real life situations taking hold that may take a number of weeks before that’s an option.

I apologize to the community for filling the forum with my own personal wants. I wont bump this thread again. If I get no response I’ll chalk it up to waiting for the people at minddesk assistance or purchasing the master when I have the chance.


Whilst I can’t help you with what you want, I’d say possibly hold out on purchasing it as by the looks of things they’re sorting something out:

Thanks for the info, Geoffers. I had mentioned that lightly in my second post but if I were to get serious with modding I would go for the Master regardless.

Animations are still totally in flux, with nothing set in stone yet. If you’re just experimenting for now, I’d try doing “what feels right” to you–at the very least, it will be a learning experience!