Looking for 3D animators. I'll bring the Qubicles

Hey guys. I feel bad firstly for attempting to use this forum to find and network for a person able to animate and export Qubicle creations to a 3D editor for rigging, animation, and exporting to a FBX - but thats what I’m really after.

I been coding in my free time for a bit now, and recently started using a new set of tools - I’m starting to get more comfortable with it and the functions they come with so I’m looking for someone that can make animations so I can stay fixated of coding with my limited time I already have…

Of course I’d be willing to pay and buy the rights to your animation work that you’ve done and I’d throw your name up in the game, but I’m just tired of getting bogg’d down honestly by animating things, and honestly its not my cup of tea I find no joy in it… ;(

I understand if the mods want to lock this thread and its the first some what raunchy act I’ve done here - so be gentle. If anyone is interested, simply PM me, and we’ll get the talkin’.

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