Making models for StoneHearth

I recently bought Qubicle to make some of my own skins and such and was wondering if I spent the time to make some of my monster ideas into models is there even the slightest chance that it would be put to use or find its way into the game. I don’t know if Tom and Tony are willing to accept any new ideas or if they have a full on game plan already locked in.

In other words I don’t want to waste my time on something that won’t be useful to the StoneHearth development team.


to my knowledge TR will be making all the models for the game themselves

however you are able to mod those monsters into the game if you wanted to.


Thanks since your here could you direct me to a post explaining how I can take models I make like buildings into SH.

heh, well im not a modder or a code expert. but there are quite a few here on the discourse, @RepeatPan and @Drotten are the first ones that come to mind, im sure they will be able to help you out.

and im sure that @SteveAdamo or @Relyss would be able to dig up find a couple threads for you.


Hi @WolfTheNinja ! Welcome to the Stonehearth Community!

If you would like @voxel_pirate has a nice little tutorial on how to add craftable items into Stonehearth! Just to get you introduced into modding and Stonehearth! If you want to learn more he has a few other videos that can help get your ideas into the game!

A good learning tool is just to crack open the game and explore the code and models.


and once again my limited knowledge of people, and threads, on the discourse is showing through…


I know @voxel_pirate does a lot with models but I don’t know if its possible to do something like making a castle and turning that into a building in game. I never saw a video that from him.

wait, so you made an entire castle model in qubicle, and you want to make that into a model for the game?

You can do that in-game. you son’t have to be in a normal game, you can enter a peaceful game so no baddies can get ya. From there you can make assets for the castle or go ahead and build the whole castle and save it as a blueprint!


and if you dont want to take all the time and wait for your hearthlings to build it you can use the “ib” console command :smile:


Yea but due to not having things like interior walls or ways to delete holes in walls to make arches ways and such it takes a lot more time to get the detail I’m looking for in game.

I use to do a lot with cryengine and Minecraft making models and converting them to something the game understands but I’m having trouble with the learning curve of SH since there aren’t that many people to go to for reference material yet…

hmm… though im not a coder, it seems like you should be able to make “wall arches” as models and mod them in as if they were a door…

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@WolfTheNinja I personally am not familiar with what you have in mind. Like you said there is not a lot of reference material this early on.

Paging @coasterspaul

Little chance and thats good for couple of reasons.

  • They can focus on what they have planned.
  • Everybody has idea’s, it would be a hassle to curate.
  • Some models don’t fit the setting they’d want to create.
  • The quality will fluctuate to much.

So you want your model / idea / mechanic in the game?
Enter the ancient pc art of modding!

Also adding models to the game ins’t hard. The hard part is adding AI if you’d want it to act differently from existing “entities”. And the movement can be tricky. But with a good day you’ll probably grasp the basics if not even more.

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“I’m having trouble with the learning curve of SH”

They use JSON (Javascript) from what I understand. It’s a really easy language to get into.
I’d suggest looking into their own code and or downloading some mods from other people on the board and open it up. Reverse engineering is key to learning how to mod.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to accomplish, but it’s like @Heinrich said: look at the code SH has already. You should start with something simple, like adding a new recipe for a crafter for example and then use the knowledge you gained from that for other ideas.

This blog post explains how mixintos and overrides work, so you might wanna check that out incase it’s not clear how that works.

And if you’re unsure about how JSON, JavaSript, Lua and all of that works. Well, all I can say is that Google is your friend. :wink:

So again, just look through Stonehearth and try out some stuff. It might take a while untill you get the hang of how to mod, but after that you can create some really awesome stuff. :smile:


Also, let us know if you have a specific question. We won’t write tutorials till we know that our stuff is well baked (or we’ll just have to edit them again) but if you run into a specific problem, we might be able to give you a specific answer that will work… for now. :slight_smile: