First & second try to animate the standard dude (Qubicle & Blender)

Look! It’s moving. It’s alive. It’s alive…

To use a quote of beloved Dr. Frankenstein ^^.

P.S. Unfortunately YouTube needs some time to update the thumbnail… don’t get offended by the placeholder in the meanwhile.

Update: Added a second try a bit further down this thread.


congratulations… the internetz just exploded… :smile:

now that you have a basic animation in-hand (pun somewhat intended), i look forward to seeing what else you can come up with!

I know, I know… it is not that amazing. But what might be an ugly child for you, is my own little baby to me ;-).

then my subtle humor has failed me once more… :stuck_out_tongue:

i was trying to convey how flipping awesome it was to see a player animated voxel model… :+1:

Really awesome work, looking forward to what you have in store for us!!

Your next task is to get him walking. :tongue:

Having installed 3dsMax yesterday… I salute your progress… because the program may as well be written in Klingon as far as I’m concerned.

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@Froggy If you install Blender, I can share some tips ;-).

@Geoffers747 Well, the next task is to create a working skeleton for the chap. That one I have used for the video might not work good enough. Will need to look at some more videos from Radiant to come even close to the real animations.

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At least with 3dsMax (student licence) I could follow Twitch (very badly)

Blender may was well be written in Swahili, and then translated into Klingon!

I may take you up on that offer though!

P.s Love your work!

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Thanks… and I hope nobody is affraid of Blender. It looks a bit intimidating at the beginning, but that’s because it is a mighty tool (and for animation you will not use most of the features at all!). I have managed to create this small animation within around 5-6 hours spread over some days… and with zero background in animation and Blender.

The good thing is that there are tons of tutorials available for Blender. Starting to like this tool.

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hahahaha… given how proficient you have become wtih qubicle, i have complete faith you can tackle 3DSMax or Blender…

this community never ceases to amaze me… i really do admire you all for just jumping in with both feet and knocking this stuff out… it really helps the little folk like me (and to a greater extent @Geoffers747) feel like a part of the action… :smiley:

its looks ok, but its a bit odd that the sholder isnt moving. despite the fact that this dude doesnt have the mid part of the arm, the sholder should move accordingly to the movment of the hand, for exemple if the dude moves his hand up the sholder shuold spin up too.
its a bit hard to understend at the beginning what parts of the body should move and how but its simply takes a basic understanding of how your body moves, look at your hand as a reference and try to imitate its movement, this game doesnt ment to be realistic so remeber that its just a refrence and you can, as long as you keeps the basic movement correct, do what ever animation you whant (take tom’s mammoth animation as exemple).
i hope you will find this helpfull, and good luck in future animations :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hints. Unfortunately there are some more parts (left the shoulders out) which are not behaving as they should. I need to re-work the hands and add some more “bones” there, too. Also the face and the legs are not there yet. I guess the next version of my skeleton will work / look better ^^.

good luck, i would like to see what you will Implement :smiley:

You will not need a skeleton for this type of animation. Look up parent relation. It’s much easier to set up and that’s how Radiant does their animations. Could try to give a more thorough explanation but right now it’s time to sleep.
Good job and good luck! :smile:

Mind sharing said tutorials? Still playing around with QC and attempting to import them into blender itself has been a headache for me… tried doing a obj with a few different settings not get far. Didn’t find to many topic specific tutorials on the net but then again… didn’t try my hardest…

Either way Voxel nice stuff - further along then I am right now. :smiley:

@FinKone Where are you stucked? Life in Blender is much easier if you cut your voxel-model into pieces already in Qubicle.

I have found this tutorial especially useful. Initially I was thinking to create also one by myself. But to be honest… there are so many out there (for almost every “problem” you could imagine), that this would be a waste of time.

Update: I have also created a Playlist called “Voxel & Animation” on my YouTube-Channel. I plan to link there the tutorials I like.

Will be checking these out Voxel, thanks. I wasn’t really stuck just simply very very new to blender, well any 3D editor / animation in general with that said and was lookin’ for a good start up guide, most sources I found where misleading and not what I was after to learn… most likely because I was looking for it under the wrong terminology.

I suppose for pure animation it might be all right but back when I used to use blender it did have a bit a reputation for being fairly unfriendly to beginners. Although part of that is probably from the fact that it can go toe to toe with most commercial software in a lot of things.

At the end it will be always a question of taste. For sure the UI of commercial applications is in general more user friendly and you feel most of the time “at home” just from the start. However, this comes with a high price in case of animation tools.

I will not try to convince anyone to use Blender (or any other software). But if one or the other decides to use the same software as I do… more than happy to exchange experiende.

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Through-out the animation I thought that the animation was a bit rough.