Qubicle 2 Beta Give It a Try

Have any of you guys tried out Qubicle 2 Beta?

So far it’s not bad. Still getting use to it.

Go to the website to learn more.


Unfortunately it took a bit for me to get the mail. But as I have it now, I will install it during the weekend and play around with it. Looks already promising.

thanks for the heads up @Skull24! surprised @voxel_pirate or @Tim didn’t mention it earlier… :smile:

edit: ninja’d by the man himself!

Totally try it out this easter

… as I was ninja’d :-). Just wanted to post it ^^.

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If you have the time. You should really checkout the Qubicle 2 Beta 2.

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I have a question can you render it so its a turntable thing in the beta