Qubicle 2 Tutorial Series

Hey guys,
it’s still some weeks until the release of the first Qubicle 2 edition but I just started a new video tutorial series about new features and how to use them in Q2. I was very shy with posting new features so far because I am a perfectionist and I don’t like to show things that are not complete.

I just uploaded the first video. It’s probably kind of a lame topic at first glance but it’s so ultimately satisfyingly easy to handle and a task I just finished, so I thought why not. It shows you how easy it is to assign keyboard shortcuts, a thing you couldn’t do in QC1 at all.

Stay tuned for more videos.
And please excuse my German accent :wink:



Thanks man! Super Helpful! Maybe I might try my hand at a mod!

“Maybe” “might” “try” Thats a lot of uncertainty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Just start with it.

You sound a lot like @voxel_pirate. Also a great tutorial. Looking forward to QB2.

nice work @Tim, looks (and sounds) great!

and best of luck with QB2!! :+1: