Wiki for Qubicle Constructor

@Tim from Minddesk has create a Wiki for Qubicle Constructor. While he is still working on it, there are already some additional information included on the different tools, modifiers, etc. which you can access in Qubicle Constructor.

From my point of view also worth a look for the more advanced users… just found some interesting hints about modifiers which I am not using so far.


ooo, nice find @voxel_pirate!

this might give me a little more motivation to make something other than large lumps of ever-so-slightly formed cubes… :smile:

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What is even nicer is that Tim mentioned one of the reasons for this Wiki is him working on QC2 :wink:. Looking forward to a developer-blog which should be released soon. Maybe this brings us also closer to a “Stonehearth QC”-version.

Actually I have also found a [Dev-Blog for QC2][1] with an interesting comment:

I will be able to set up tailor made special editions in no time. Like
I can decide which features should be in the edition and simply add
the corresponding files to the package. Done. No more internal wiring
or compiler directives, it’s piece of cake now. If you want an editor
for your voxel game of choice, no problem.

Sounds promising. I just have no feeling how long Tim will need to finish with QC2. Might take a bit as he is “only” working for like 6 months on it.

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promising indeed! :+1:

im curious to know if this effort was prompted from their relationship with Radiant… either way, sounds like an excellent move for his application…

Is @Tim remaining a one man team? He works awfully hard for being the entire company.

i havent heard otherwise, but i dont frequent his site/forums as much as some of our voxel brethren… if he is, it is a pretty impressive feat indeed!

I am quite sure he is. There is also Tobias, who wrote the Voxelizer as far as I know. However, did not hear anything that Tobias is also coding for QC2.

Hey guys, to give you some insight info: I won’t develop QC2 entirely alone, Tobi will help me. He is starting a fulltime traineeship this month until Jan / Feb. He’s still studying media design.

And yes there will be a QC2 stonehearth edition, maybe two. If i don’t get this done before the beta release of the game I will either drop the price of the home edition or prepare a QC1 stonehearth edition.

But there’s still a lot of time… well check out my dev blog frequently or follow me on twitter (@QBCL) to get more info about this.


Sounds great… so this means that there will be already “something” ready to be used with Stonehearth once it hits the Beta.

I wonder what a “QC2 Stonehearth Edition” might look like. For sure it would need an export plugin / script. What would be nice is some kind of “catalogue” (overview) of all models included in the actual Stonehearth installation… so you can browse through a graphical preview via Qubicle and select that one which you want to edit (including models from installed mods) :smile:.

Btw. for that ones interested in the developers Blog… here is the link.

Update: Interesting new entry in the blog. QC2 will allow parenting of matrices. So you can link e.g. body-parts together and control them a bit easier.

Update: Tim just confirmed that there will be a Mac-Version of QC2… probably just from the beginning.


well now, im sure there will be plenty of happy MacModders out there this morning… :smile: